Joy Davis

Joy Davis


Take a blender, throw in some Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood, Sarah Evans, a dash of Sarah Maclachlan and a pinch of Patty Griffin for flavored inspiration and you get Joy Davis's, grass roots philosophy for country music.


Blazing a trail through the Country music world, Joy Davis has been setting her mark and reaching beyond her dreams.

Born and raised in Texas. Joy grew up on stages all over the country, watching her father Country Music Hall of Fame guitarist "Slidin Stevie Davis"

perform with Bugs Henderson and Stevie Ray Vaughn. Joys sister Patrice Pike was the first to break out and make a name for herself as a successful singer/sonwiter.

Patrice started the band "Little Sister" in the early 1980's. Later she signed with Arista Records under the band name "Sister Seven".

Joy traveled on tour with her sister and honed her skills singing back-up vocals on several albums and tours.

Soon ollowing, Joy joined Ginger Mckenzie on tour and performed across the nation. She shared stages with bands like FastBall, Tonic, and The Goo Goo Dolls.

Joys solo career kicked off in 2001 with her performance at The Austin City Limits Festival, The Texas Rodeo , and Festival shows across the state.

Recentley Joy has Given back to her community by joining forces with Texas Casa. Togather they bring awareness to Texans about our forgotten children.

Joy joins Casa in benefits across the state urging people to "Come Along" and join the fight against child neglect and abuse.

Bestes music in Nashville Tennessee recognized Joys shooting star and signed a development deal with her. This year they plan to bring several major record labels to Joys doorstep.

Joys buzz has also landed her a deal with Automaxx Inc. via The Lee Tilford Agency. She will be representing Automaxx in 2007 and 2008 through radio and television commercial spots.

Joy remains grounded and always willing to lend a hand to anyone that is needing it. She is thankful to her family and friends and especially her fans, that continue to add fuel to her path of success.


New EP coming December, 2007
Produced by: Chris Estes
Besties Music
Global Positioning Services
Nashville TN.

Set List

I have a 90 minute set list. Just wrote some new songs so it will go up soon!
I play all originals and sometimes put one or two covers in for fun!