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...which recently has contaminated the new generations of young people, in the sound of the Joy Disaster, would revive that genuine (authentic) love towards the post punk which only a few present groups can boast (praise). -

"Review by Pete"

Joy Disaster are an exciting 3 piece, who have all the right doom and gloom, songs and passion to climb into the limelight and show a lot of the contemporary 'new wave' bands how it's really done. -


I can't help suspecting that Joy Disaster chose their name with a view to getting their CDs alongside Joy Division in record store racks. Or maybe they were paying an oblique tribute to a band which seems to be some sort of influence: there's certainly a touch of Joy Division's furrowed-brow intensity in Joy Disaster's music. But it's leavened with a big, clangourous, Chameleons-style guitar sound, and an on-stage demeanour which is downbeat, yet easy-going. The band seem keen to be liked, and indeed are easy to like. Their robust take on guitar-driven alternorock may not be staggeringly original, but they've got the chops to make it work. The set is carefully paced for maximum build-up, and culminates in a thundering, anthemic workout which leaves the crowd sated and impressed. -


2005 - First Demo (no name)
2006 - J.D. Album (1st)
2007 - Paranoïa Album



Between 2005 and 2006, the band have working a lot for their promotion and they have sent 600 copies of their first demo to Djs, promoters, radios, webzine/magazines and fans all around the world.

The band was noticed by good performances on stage and they were increasing with always better gigs and better audience feedbacks.

JOY DISASTER has released their first album “J.D.” in September 2006 and has sold 500 copies during gigs and recently the band is distributing by the French label MANIC DEPRESSION and the German label STROBELIGHT RECORDS.

Actually, JOY DISASTER is listening in many countries (Germany, England, USA, Austria, Italy, Spain, Chile, Mexico, Finland, Holland, Australia, Portugal, Scotland...) and they always go up.

The band has recorded the new album “PARANOÏA” which the release preview is for September 2007.