Joy Forbis-Speth

Joy Forbis-Speth


Acoustic folk pop


I spent 10 or so years traveling this fine country of ours chasing music. The Grateful Dead gave me a perfect opportunity to do so. Along the way I was able to see many artists perform live. All of them influenced me, the bands that were selling out stadiums, and even the homeless man playing on the streets giving it all he had. Some of the more well known names include , the Grateful Dead, Doc Watson, Joni Mitchel, Leo Kotke, Richie Havens, Arlo Guthrie, Edda Baker, Bob Dylan, Robert Hunter, David Nelson Band, and Stewart Munson, just to name a few. So, this fine music has settled into my heart and from time to time, I pick up my guitar and play and sing a song or two for whoever wants to listen.



Set List

Soul Shine
Catfish John
Jakki Sue
Big Rock Candy Mountain
Freight Train
Sitting Here in Limbo
Ma Ma
Brothers And Sisters
Jack A Row
Everybody Loves a Hound Dog
Let The Mystery Be
You Are My Sunshine
An Awkward Dance
Circle Game
Angle Band
Santa Fe Winds
We Bid You Goodnight
Approximately 60 min.