Joy Gohring

Joy Gohring

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Mission IMPROVable performs short, fast-paced, hilarious, improvisational comedy games (ala the popular television show "Who's Line is it Anyway?") around the theme of the movie Mission Impossible. The “missions” are created on the spot and based solely on suggestions taken from the audience.


Joy is funny, energetic, upbeat and plays everywhere from big colleges to those tiny adorable Catholic schools! Joy's been funny on The Late Late Show, Comedy Central, currently performs live in Wayne Brady's Improv Show in Vegas, Not Another Teen Movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall & most recently, The Sarah Silverman Show.

A native Texan, her mother was a former nun and her father a former monk.

When Joy was a baby she dreamt of being a funny toddler...and hit the preschool comedy circuit with a BANG! Making babies and toddlers laugh so hard they spit boob milk up!

From there she went onto junior high where acne and braces defined her as the Class Clown. It was in High School that becoming President of the Glee Club and 2nd Chair Trombone would permanently seal her fate as a FUNNY GIRL!

Now she makes other dorks (I mean awesome good-looking smart people) laugh. If you're lucky she just might come to your school and make you spit up your own milk.

Thank you! God Bless. And hire a lady comic for once!

Set List OR --- College life, dating,
girls in g-strings, funny breakups, freeing frogs from science labs, her suave brother buying a hot tub for the ladies, (tasteful) Catholic humor, growing up with a
Mom who was a former nun,
living in Hollywood,

Toilet Paper
Fake ID's
And more...!!