Termoli, Molise, ITA

Alternative \ Ambient \ Dream Pop \ New Wave \ Elettro-Synth



More than a real and own group, the “Joyleons” are the symbol of fantasy behind which hides the multi-instrumentalist singer Joe’ Well for his experiments that range from electronic, rock, avant-garde and multimedia.
Joe’ Well, after a long and grueling apprenticeship, held him in most alternative and underground music clubs as vocal/performer with his technological equipment including synths, electric guitars and programmed electronic percussions (such as the historic drum-machine widely used by musicians during the new wave period of the 80's…) , he will start working on lyrics and music for this new musical project “Joyleons” .


Più che un complesso vero e proprio, i Joyleons sono la sigla di fantasia dietro cui si nasconde il cantante polistrumentista Joè Well per i suoi esperimenti che spaziano tra elettronica, rock, avanguardia e multimedia.

Joe’ Well dopo una lunga ed estenuante gavetta svoltasi nei locali più alternativi ed underground come vocal/performer assieme a chitarre elettriche e percussioni elettroniche programmate (Drum Machine) inizia a lavorare sui testi e le musiche per questo nuovo progetto musicale "Joyleons" .


He is currently in a phase of sound experimental research and recently he has written, performed, recorded and produced entirely by him the Lp " Wave Sensations Of Sounds " .

Attualmente è sempre in fase continua di ricerca sperimentale sonora e da poco che ha scritto, eseguito, registrato e prodotto integralmente l' LP "Wave Sensations Of Sounds" .