Jo Young

Jo Young


Jo is a story teller who will capture your ears, heart and mind with her catchy and melodic tales of modern life. Jo's voice has been described as one of the purest in the singer-songwriter genre.


"I personally believe that Jo's voice is one of the most perfect pure tonal voices I've heard in a long time.... Jo Young presents us with enough variety of composition and instrumentation (that at points begins to approach small-chamber orchestration) to leave you feeling that these songs are crafted to the fine polish of commercial presentation without lacking any needed ingredients or existence of superfluous fluff"
Billy Shaw, avante garde Jazz musician (!Sassy!)

My songs have been described as musical tone poems that even people who don’t speak English can enjoy.

They are some of the stories of my life. These folk/pop songs were written between 1998 and 2005 and form a narrative of each stage of my journey.

Baby Boy was written after the birth of my son in 2003. Leaving full time work to be a stay at home mum with a new baby felt like being shunted into a parallel universe. The sudden social isolation, steep learning curve and almost total sleep deprivation resulted in my suffering from postnatal depression. Luckily, with the support of my incredible husband, a few helpful friends and some wonderful community organisations (Tresillian Foundation and the Parent Infant Foundation of Australia) I got through it.

I hope that hearing Baby Boy might help other parents going through the same transition. If, for them, becoming a parent it isn’t all joy and light like a nappies advertisement, then they aren’t alone. I also hope to be able to give back to those community organisations that supported me by sharing any royalty proceeds from this song with them.

My debut EP, Angels in the Mud was originally created as a demo, recorded in the home studio of a friend. It is produced and arranged by Latis, a music whiz from the UK currently living in Australia. He also plays guitar on Baby Boy and Little Quivers.

Latis did such a fantastic job of breathing a contemporary spirit into my songs that we decided it was definitely good enough for commercial release. So we decided to have it professionally mastered by Paul Bryant at Sony BMG in Sydney

I am currently working on my first full length album at Laneway Studios in Lismore with Peter Lane. I hope to have it finished by the time my second child is born in January 2006.

About Jo Young

I am from Lismore on the Far North Coast of NSW. I have recently moved back to the area after 5 years living in Sydney and Perth.

While studying music at Southern Cross University I wrote songs and sang for the bands Tane (with Dolphin Award Winners Don Ruttan and Phil Ashworth) and Samsara. I started playing solo in 2000 with a three month residency at the National Hotel in Fremantle, Perth. More recently I have been test driving my original material at songwriter showcases around Sydney (Cat and Fiddle in Balmain, Club Willoughby, The Cove).
Jo is part of the international songwriters community known as Songsalive! Jo is opening a chapter of Songsalive in Byron Bay on the 20th November 2005.


Baby Boy

Written By: Copyright 2004 Jo Young

There's a new deal going on around here
A Change for the good
And nothing can prepare you for the feeling
And nothing ever could
No you won't read about it in the paper
Though it happens every day
When a child comes into your life it makes it ordinary
In an extraordinary way
A new part of life's unfolding mystery
As motherhood changes the core of me

Sweet downy head
Soft little cheeks
Starfish in my bed
I could gaze at you for weeks
Baby Boy

I can't say that it's been easy
It's the hardest thing I've ever done
The black dog has bitten me more than twice as I've been transformed into a mum

But in dark times when I have lost all reasoning
One look at your tiny bum can make me sing

You're learning to crawl
Your blue eyes so deep
We're having a ball
You ruin my sleep
Baby Boy

And one day I know you'll move away from me
Til then I will cherish every moment, every second of your company

You're learning to walk
Little Thunderbird Feet
You're starting to talk
You're speaking to me

Most extraordinary little wonder
Little miracle
Gorgeous little bundle
got me working like a servant
you funny little fellow
I'm in heaven
Oh the smell of you
Your arms around my neck
Your milky breath
I'd give my life for you.
Baby Boy
Pride and Joy

The Generals

Written By: Copyright 1999 Jo Young

We were raised to believe in something
I always thought that was something good
That I could be anything that I wanted if I really wanted to

Has a sweeter sound than bitterness
What's right, What's wrong, What's left

Someone told me long ago
Life is more complex than you know
You might not reap the seeds you sew
And there'll be dark before the dawn

When your generals all fall down
And the ruby falls from your crown
And your dreams of all that your life could be
Lie like broken wings on the ground

Is aspiration a human condition
The breath of God or the seeds of despair
And searching for that elusive condition
Oh Happiness
Oh Holy Grail

All the time you're mourning for the opportunities that you let go
Expectation more and more
Body reaching overload

When your Generals all fall down
And the Ruby falls from your crown
And your dreams of all your life could be
Lie like broken wings on the ground.

Disillusionment, Has a sweeter sound than bitternes
Disillusionment, has a sweeter sound than bitterness

Do happy endings come only after sorrow
The lost at sea time of the soul
Who wrote this dumb story that I've been living
And where does hope sometimes go

All the time you're mourning for.....
Someone told me long ago..........

When your generals all fall down....

Disillusionment has a sweeter sound than bitterness


Written By: Copyright 2005 Jo Young

You don't look like me
Or talk like I do
You don't live like me
But we're both someones daughter
You might think like me
and I love like you
and I wonder why we kill each other's brother

We are all born in our own skin
Everyone's heart bleeds the same way when it's broken

You look just like me
And talk like I do
But we're worlds apart
Cos you don't think like I do
I'm a refugee
You're a tin soldier
I'm the president
And you're a freedom fighter

We are all born in our own skin
Everyone's heart bleeds the same way when it's broken

And you're just like me
Though worlds apart
It's not easy to
Love your enemy

You are not like me
I am not like you
Cos you don't want
all the things I ever wanted
Like a peaceful world
And a happy one
Not only for me
But for everyone

We are all born in our own skin
Everyone's heart
Bleeds the same way when it's Broken

I was never meant to be just like you
I was never meant to be just like you
I was never meant to be just like you
In this universe there are many truths

We are all born in our own skin
Everyone's heart
Bleeds the same way when it's broken
We are all born in our own skin
Bleeds when their hearts are Broken.


Angels in the Mud - 5 track EP released July 2005 Produced by Latis

Set List

Originals set list -
Little Quivers
Baby Boy
The Generals
All I ever wanted
Extreme Living
Love is a curious thing
I want U
Whinging Hippie (Telepoison)
The Lonely Sea
Dear Man

Jo does three 40 minute sets comprising of 40% originals and 60% covers.

Covers include songs by Tracey Chapman, Suzanne Vega, Indigo Girls, Cindy Lauper, Natalie Imbruglia, Oasis, Cat Stevens, Casey Chambers, Linda Ronstadt, Fleetwood Mac, The Bee Gees and many more artists.