Joy Simone

Joy Simone


An acoustic/soul/jazz influenced songstress performing seductively deep vocals.


Sitting with her hair swept to the side, Joy Simone, takes a small sip from the cup of tea she’s holding then begins to divulge.

Growing up in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Simone enjoyed a lot of time alone to think. The only child of working parents she loved building and sketching diverse creations from a young age. With a mind for melody she never thought much about singing; but was often captured by the music she witnessed in her mind. “From a young age I recall hearing intricate pieces of music. They would develop fully with horns and strings, crescendos and decrescendos. It took me years to realize I was creating the music, not recalling it.�

By 15, after six years of playing, Simone wholly abandoned the piano for the guitar. “One day I just decided that I couldn’t create what I wanted to unless I played guitar.�

At 18 Simone enrolled at Rutgers University where she attended as a Carr Scholar. Studying psychology and music, often combining the two fields for extended research. Occasionally skipping class just to study from her own selection of texts at the music library. “Junior year I read every book the school had on the composer John Cage. I read about his music, poetry, paintings, and life. I loved all things avant-garde.� Experiencing many different types of music inside and out of the classroom, Simone became the bassist and vocalist for a New York based indie rock band. Explaining, "I loved it because it surprised people. I was subtle as always, but we had very stimulating performances." Eventually deciding to split from the group in order to write a softer sound Simone found many influences floating around.

“It was a complete whimsy that I went home to explore my parents record collection.� Mostly comprised of Soul, Jazz, and Motown recordings. Having not heard many of those songs since a young age, “it was sublime,� explains Simone. “I instantly saw so much of my life lived to that sound track. Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder where always in my head.�

Most recently after college, Simone began recording various acoustic and electronic themes arriving at the EP Lady Lavender. “It’s truly about the depth and soul of the piece. I’m not good with a steady type of instrumentation. The one thing I truly know is the depth of my voice and its power to reach the deepest part of me. It’s my greatest intimacy and what I really need to share.� The piece of music is the connection. Many styles and passions blended with the contention of demonstrating it’s all music for people with soul.


Lady Lavender (Acoustic)

Written By: Joy Simone

If I could fall in love
just one more time
I would fall in love with you

The kiss that's on your lips
I can not deny
the things that I would want to do

When I whisper
how I wonder if you hear me
finding hints in conversation that you really do feel dear of me
and how you long to feel near to me

So you call out my name to remember
your Lady Lavender, Lavender

And it ain't no secret
cause darling I've been hypnotized by you
cause you make me feel alright
love you too oh
cause you make me feel alright
so why don't we stay lovers for another day

The air is scented in perfume
and you fondle memories
all afternoon of that day when you were here with me

So you call out my name to remember your Lady Lavender

Ain't no secret cause darling I've been dreaming about you
cause you make me feel alright
love you too oh
cause you make me feel all right
so why don't we stay lovers for another day

So you call out my name to remember your Lady Lavender


Lady Lavender, 2008
Sweet Karma EP, 2002
Classical Sessions EP, 2003

Set List

Lady Lavender
Show Me the Real Thing
High Fashion
Turn the Game On
Afraid to Love Again
Jealous Little Demon
Valentine Out of Season
Giving Everything I Can
What Would (Make Joy Feel Right Again)?
Something is Missing
The Lady Vanishes
Blame It On Me
What Will Be
Out of Bed

Enough original material for an hour set. Can easily mix with covers.
Past Covers include: The Way I Am, Sea of Love, Hope There's Someone, Don't Get Around Much Anymore, My Baby Just Cares for Me, No woman No Cry, What's Going On, Time in a Bottle, Lovely Day, Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone, Keep it Loose, Keep it tight, Sitting on the Dock of a Bay, What A Wonderful World