Joy Thompson

Joy Thompson


My music is folk-acoustic pop with jazzy vocals and catchy hooks.


I was born in Kincardine Ontario, musically inclined at a young age I have been performing in front of audiences since the age of 4 in concerts, dance recitals and recitations. I began on the piano and took up guitar when I borrowed an acoustic from my next door neighbour. I love all types of music from Ella Fitzgerald to Linkin Park and my songs reflect that.


I released an album called Basement Songs about 3 years ago and am releasing an EP called A Girl Named Sven in the spring/summer I've been played on CIUT and Natradio

Set List

My sets are typically anywhere from 30 to 45mins I have too many songs to list {over 60} a do a few covers {such as Oasis ,Blue Oyster Cult or Chris Isaak} but typically stick to my own