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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2019 | INDIE

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2019
Band Alternative Indie




"J. Pastel Impress With Their Song "Senegal""

I had first heard of J.Pastel after one of my friends showed me their song, “Senegal”. Released in September, “Senegal” is J.Pastel’s most popular song on Spotify with 98K streams. After talking with them, I learned that J.Pastel is a duo between two guys, Chase Durrett, on vocals, and Casey Bruce, on production. Growing up, both of them were involved with music, but as more of a side-hobby. Located in Chicago and New York, it wasn’t until last summer when the two connected through the internet, met up in Kansas City, and bonded over their passion for escaping within music. After losing themselves in the creation of their work, they decided to take their musical hobbies more seriously - together. This type of escapism is what they hope to reflect within their music. From here, J.Pastel was born.

Durrett came up with this moniker due to them both liking pastel colors, while they chose to remain the inspiration behind the “J” in their name, a little mystery. “Senegal” gives off a funky, fun, optimistic vibe that feel similar to Tom Misch, Glass Animals, and the band Sure Sure. As a Los Angeles native, this song reminds me of driving down PCH with the windows down, music blasting, sun shining, and not a care in the world. The two have already dropped new music, such as “Strawberry Lemonade - 3 a.m. Version” and let us know that an EP is coming early next year! While I am a big fan of their song “Senegal”, I am now a fan of them - these guys are authentic and at the root of it all, are clearly passionate about music. I am excited to hear all of their new music and see where J.Pastel goes from here! - That Raw Sound

"j.pastel return with the sweet sounds of their latest single, ‘Strawberry Lemonade’"

J. pastel, the uber cool, super smooth bedroom-pop duo from Chicago return with the sweet sounds of their latest single, ‘Strawberry Lemonade’.

The two musicians, Chase Durrett and Casey Bruce, joined forces when they realised that their visions aligned as far as it came to songwriting and music production. Since then, the pair have released their highly revered debut single, ‘Senegal’ and caught the attention of Clunk Mag, When the Horn Blows and A1234 to name but a few.

Now, with the second single taken from their upcoming EP, j.pastel hope to wow fans once more with the soothing, sultry sounds of ‘Strawberry Lemonade’. Distorted in sound and electronic in nature, ‘Strawberry Lemonade’ is a mellow, layered track with romantic, brooding lyrics, manipulated vocals and a gorgeous, guitar lead melody. It’s a perfect addition to their discography so far and a very exciting peek into the promise of their debut EP set to be released later this year. - Purple Melon

"J.Pastel transport you to another world with their latest chilled, bedroom-pop single ‘Senegal’"

Chase Durrett and Casey Bruce make up the dynamic, bedroom-pop duo that is J.Pastel. The two Chicago natives joined forced just over a year ago after finding common ground in their music and creative vision.

Since forming the band in 2019, the pair have released one single, ‘Hold’ which has amassed over 200,000 listens on Spotify alone! Now, J.Pastel are ready to make their mark on the the music scene with their second single, ‘Senegal’ which is set to be the lead single on their upcoming debut EP.

‘Senegal’ is a light and airy, feel-good anthem fuelled by psychedelic electric guitar chords, a grooving funk bassline and 80’s inspired pop lyrics. The two producers blend a mix of genres and instruments to create their laid-back, super-cool bedroom pop.

J.Pastel are definitely ones to watch this coming year, with their EP set to drop in January 2021. - Purple Melon

"j.pastel release feel-good track ‘Senegal’"

Bedroom-pop duo j.pastel burst back on the scene with funky 80’s inspired pop tune ‘Senegal’. Forming in Chicago in the summer of 2019, Chase Durrett and Casey Bruce decided to fuse their musical talents to form a masterful pop power team. With an EP in the works, ‘Senegal’ is set to be the lead single of their much awaited piece of musical heaven.

Discussing their single, j.pastel said: “Senegal is a song about going to the ends of the earth to be with the person you love. It could be anywhere, but as long as you’re together it doesn’t matter.”

With their distinct sound already making waves, this duo are ready to propel full speed to stardom. - Music Crowns

"Sound and Vision"

Sound & Vision with j. pastel

Chicago duo j. pastel came together last year when Chase Durrett and Casey Bruce found a shared escapism in music, and will soon release a much-anticipated debut EP, announced with sure-fire floor-filler single Senegal.

Second teaser single, Strawberry Lemonade, is a gorgeously-glimmering slice of woozy bedroom dream-pop, all sparse production and earnest vocals that shows the duo’s ability to soundtrack early-hours introspection as much as the collective elation of the previous offering.

The pair spoke to Secret Meeting about some of their biggest influences together and apart… - Secret Meeting

"j. pastel Has Vibes for Days on New EP, "Cutting Magazines""

Quick Thoughts: It’s hard to describe j. pastel’s new EP, “Cutting Magazines” without using the word vibe. The NYC/Chicago duo share a passion for escapism in music, and this shines through across the entire five-song project, a wholly enjoyable, eclectic body of work. While the project's first three tracks -Senegal, Strawberry Lemonade, and Holy War - were all released in 2020, the final two tracks, Wait a Minute and Avalanche were released within the last few weeks.

On Wait a Minute, the jazzy electric guitar progression and feathery vocals create an airy and uplifting environment for listeners. j. pastel keeps things interesting with a classic EDM head bobbing post-chorus. The blend of smooth RnB verses with more groovy, upbeat instrumentals results in a complete musical escape, making Wait a Minute the perfect track to simply vibe out to.

Avalanche is a fun, vibey pop-infused track that is sure to be playing on repeat as the weather gets warmer. With an upbeat, toe tapping sound, this is a song perfect for dancing and hanging out outside. Stream the whole project on Spotify: - Qore Music Co.

"Fresh Faces: j. pastel releases new single “Strawberry Lemonade”"

j. pastel, a pop duo who began writing music last summer, have released a new single today. Starting off as friends, Casey Bruce and Chase Durrett, an unstoppable duo, decided to band together once they discovered their passion for creating music.

The freshly released track “Strawberry Lemonade” was shortly announced after their other single “Senegal.” In 2020, they are projected to release their anticipated debut EP. - Nu Sound Online

"Rising bedroom pop duo j. pastel share laid back new single ‘Strawberry Lemonade’."

‘Strawberry Lemonade’ is all about slowing things down. Carried by intricate down-tempo guitars and dreamy lo-fi beats, j. pastel’s signature airy vocals radiate a gentle, rosy glow that fits right in with the track’s subtly romantic atmosphere. It’s a track that invites you to sit back and relax, close your eyes and breathe deeply as you lose yourself in its swooning lyricism – “You’re leaving in the morning, but I don’t want to think about it. So, Darling, just hold me.”

The follow-up to bouncy pop single ‘Senegal’, ‘Strawberry Lemonade’ did a full 180, demonstrating j. pastel’s powerful artistic range and fuelling excitement for their debut EP. With two entirely different offerings on the table so far, it’s sure to be a record brimming with wonderfully eclectic soundscapes. - When the Horn Blows

"j.pastel’s “Senegal” Is the Ultimate Bedroom Pop Dream"

All the bedroom pop duos better make way for j.pastel because they’re undoubtedly one of the most anticipated acts today. With the most charming synths and bouncy guitars, j.pastel really creates an out-of-body experience for the listener. Ahead of their forthcoming EP, j.pastel is blessing us with a vibrant new single, “Senegal.”

Comprised of Chase Durrett and Casey Bruce, j.pastel incorporates 80s-inspired pop and modern production into “Senegal.” Between the refreshing instrumentals and j.ember’s wholesome lyricism, “Senegal” will easily become a fan favorite. As j.ember discusses going the distance for the people we love, “Senegal” reminds us to cherish those around us while we can.

On “Senegal,” j.pastel explained,

“‘Senegal’ is a song about going to the ends of the Earth to be with the person you love. It could be anywhere, but as long as you’re together it doesn’t matter.” - Hidden Hits

"J. PASTEL Charm With New Single ‘Senegal’"

Bringing the tropical vibes right to your doorstep, Senegal is everything you could want and more from a summer track.

In the summer of 2019, a musical collaboration was born in Chicago between producers Chase Durrett and Casey Bruce, and their joint creative vision took the form of j. pastel. Fast forward to just over a year, in late 2020, and the duo has released Senegal, their summery latest single that is the musical equivalent to a piña colada; chilled, tropical, and perfect for summer. The track is the lead single of their forthcoming debut EP, pencilled for release in January 2021.

Melding together smooth vocals, syncopated bass lines and magnetic guitar melodies, there’s hardly an element of Senegal that won’t make you immediately relax into the music and make you feel like you’re by the seaside. Drawing upon pop influence from the 80s to create a sound that is both refreshingly modern and murmurs with familiarity, j. pastel have taken on an appeal that will please a wide range of music tastes.

Sharing more on the lyrical inspiration for the track, the duo elaborates:

‘Senegal’ is a song about going to the ends of the earth to be with the person you love. It could be anywhere, but as long as you’re together it doesn’t matter. - Gig Goer

"Listen To This | J.Pastel – Senegal"

J. pastel, the duo from Chicago fuse 80’s synth pop with modern day bedroom pop in a masterful way. Their latest single ‘Senegal’ is a shining example of their eclectic, fun and infectious sound.

The single opens up with a groove infused drumbeat that paths the way for ethereal vocals. Glistening guitar and shimmering keys create a warm aura around the listener. It’s a wonderfully fun and bouncy track that is totally spellbinding. You cannot help but fall for this duo’s energetic charm.

Speaking about the track the duo explain “Senegal is a song about going to the ends of the earth to be with the person you love. It could be anywhere, but as long as you’re together it doesn’t matter.” - Clunk Magazine

"Infused with 80s pop and a dreamy production, j. pastel’s ‘Senegal’ is a sensory delight"

Warbling, floating and dancing their way into our hearts is the emerging Chicago duo j. pastel, aka Chase Durrett and Casey Bruce. The pair first got together in the summer of 2019 when they discovered a shared vision for the kind of music that they wished to make. That vision recently became a little more real with the release of their fantastic single ‘Senegal’.

As the band succinctly say, “Senegal is a song about going to the ends of the earth to be with the person you love. It could be anywhere, but as long as you’re together it doesn’t matter.”

Infused with 80s pop and a dreamy production, j. pastel delivers airy vocals, vibrant guitars, playful synths and one hell of a funky bassline throughout ‘Senegal’. The last of which undoubtedly is the driving force behind the head-nodding, foot-tapping, booty-wiggling rhythm of this lusciously flowing listen.

Recently signed to independent record label SUR:KIT, we really hope that j. pastel has more in store for the addicted new listeners. We’re watching this space closely! - Turtle Tempo

"Chicago bedroom-pop duo j. pastel return with chilled ‘Strawberry Lemonade’"

Bedroom pop duo j. pastel fuse 80s synths and dreamy guitars with pop-inspired songwriting. Formed in Chicago in the summer of 2019, Chase Durrett and Casey Bruce joined forces when they realized they shared a vision for how they want to leave their mark in music. In 2020, they plan to release their highly anticipated debut EP. The pair began their journey last month with the release of the lead single from their forthcoming EP, ‘Senegal’, a dancefloor worthy bop filled with deep grooves and a funk-fuelled bassline that was sure to get even the most stubborn of feet tapping. The success of ‘Senegal’ was widespread, the track gained significant interest from outlets such as Indietronica, CLUNK and When The Horn Blows as well as a feature on Spotify’s coveted ‘Fresh Finds’ playlist. Now, the duo hopes to maintain their momentum with the release of their latest, chilled-out bedroom pop single, ‘Strawberry Lemonade’.

Written in a simplistic, subtly romantic fashion, ‘Strawberry Lemonade’ is a beautiful down-tempo track littered with intricate guitar sequences and gentle drums that perfectly demonstrate j. pastel’s powerful artistic range and signature airy vocals. - Divine Magazine


Wait a Minute
Strawberry Lemonade
You and Me
La La Living
Holy War
Strawberry Lemonade [3am version]



Bedroom pop duo j. pastel fuse 80s synths and dreamy guitars with
pop-inspired songwriting. Formed in Chicago in the summer of 2019, Chase
Durrett and Casey Bruce joined forces when they realized they shared a
vision for how they want to leave their mark in music.

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