BandHip Hop

REBEL MUSIC Our hiphop is designed raise awarness to social issues. The form we have is old/new school. We embrace the old school in our views, flow and messages while we express over new school beats. Our music is energizing, full of passion and truth macthed with our entertaining stage presence.


Our stage presence is second to none when it comes to hiphop artist. We stand apart because of the willingness to include the audince into our show instead of just perfroming to them. Our music is filled with substance. It is thought-provoking and high quailty entertainment.


DaButtonpusha "Who" Lp available online at
1) Who - we have a video
2) Cee-Us - we have a video (from up and coming lp)

Set List

We do ony our own orginal music. Song list change as program needs. For instance, if we were doing a show designed for young people, our song list would include works like "shine Your Light" and "Cee-Us". For audence who are alittle order we go with music "Rebel Music" or "Betray".