JP Cervoni

JP Cervoni


Blues Guitar Virtuoso JP Cervoni “JP is the only player after Jimi that kicked my ass!!” -- The Legendary Buddy Miles The first solo album from this hot indie guitarist is for those people who love the blues rock scene, balancing old-school twelve-bar material with a more modern flare.


“JP is one of the baddest cats I know...his playing shows a lot of fire and feeling - that's the Italian showing through. He has a bluesy undertone to his style that I like allot..." – Michael Thompson


J.P. was born in Ceprano, Italy, a peaceful town in the Ciociaria region that stretches out amongst the green rolling countryside of the historic province. He grew up in a musical family that always encouraged JP to further his musical interest. At the age of 12, JP started his musical career playing keyboards for a top 40 band. At age 15, after seeing an English band playing Led Zeppelin, it was then he switched to the electric guitar and formed his own rock band called TRIM. The young man taught himself to play the guitar by listening to LPs by his favorite bands like Free, Zeppelin, Hendrix, Cream and the Beatles.

At 18, after high school, the youthful and eager musician moved to Toronto, Canada where he studied piano at the Royal Conservatory of Music. He performed with several rock bands to include touring north eastern Canada with a highly sought after Van Halen Tribute Band. While at school, JP went to a Buddy Miles concert in London, Ontario, (Hendrix, Band of Gypsys, Santana) and went backstage to meet him. With his astonishingly accomplished guitar playing, Buddy was so impressed with his virtuosity, and knowledge of Hendrix songs and the fact that he played the guitar left-handed-backwards (like himself), that he invited JP to jam with him the following night. Buddy then asked the young-gun to join his band back in Los Angeles, so at 21, JP moved to LA.

The seasoned guitarist says, “I first started to copy licks from Rory Gallagher, Paul Kossoff, Eric Clapton/Cream, Leslie West, Dave Gilmore, and what I got from them was two folded, ONE, the guitar-into-distorted-amp thing, TWO, more important, the phrasing that was part of their style, which for me, was coming from the blues. Learning their licks felt like "going to school" with people that, being bit older then me, where coming from the teaching of BB King, Albert King, Buddy Guy and like guitar Masters, and I always felt that I was getting the best of both worlds, making the Blues-rock connection, Then, after getting hold of Jimi’s and Page’s Albums, I went one step further, in understanding how much you could really do with a guitar. From there on, going through Jeff Beck, I developed the virtuoso part of my playing and landed where I am now, a mix of classic blues, with a rock edge and extra licks to keep things interesting.”

This was the beginning of JP’s professional musical career. From a 3 piece rock group to a full 16 piece Latin / funk band and everything in between, JP has toured the world, learning first hand many styles of music. He has since played and continues to work with a myriad of talented artists. JP’s talent goes beyond guitar playing. He is also an accomplished producer/writer, with many CD productions and songs under his belt.

"I truly dig this record. It’s refreshing to hear a guitar player sound like he means it! I also like the variety of tunes and the patience in the solos."
-- Kirk L. Covington

He has work with Atlantic Records, BMG Records, Warner Bros, Z Records, Quantum Records, CGD Records, indie labels, TV shows on Fox, Rai2 TV, and has written songs on multi platinum recordings for multi-plantum artist, The seasoned musician has done clinics in the top music schools, and has had ads in the top music magazines. These are just some of JP accomplishments.

"JP, I LOVE your CD! You sound fantastik!! JP is amazing. When I listen to him play I hear shades of Jimi. He has all the soul and chops to go with it! Bravo!"
-- Steve Trovato

JP Cervoni's career traces the history of rock and roll. Drawing from influences as diverse as rhythm and blues, jazz, fusion and beyond. JP has won the hearts of fans worldwide. He is revered by a new generation of rock performers. He has played everywhere from tiny roadhouse clubs to huge rock showcases and national television. “Many sponsors are now running full page ads featuring JP in Guitar Player, Guitar World, Vintage Guitar, Chitarre, AXE and 20th Century Guitar. JP has his own by-line in Chitarre magazine and is much respected in the Italian music market.

“As long as I’ve known JP he’s been an inspiration to me because of his dedication to music and his guitar playing. But now, his powerful and seriously tasty licks are sounding better than ever.” -- Lita Ford

“JP, is one of the finest guitarist I have ever had the pleasure of working with, his tone and emotion floored me on every song we recorded together. I think his album is one of the best I've personally recorded. Looking forward to the next one. Best of Luck! “-- Tony Brock (R. Stewart/J. Beck)

Among the projects slated for this year JP is scheduled to do a fusion album with Massimo Varini, the multi-million selling Italian session player/producer, a La


--- As a side note, I want you to be aware of JP's involvement with other aspects of the music business:

As a writer, JP has written 50 pieces of music for "W.O.W Beautiful women of wrestling" at live show, filmed live at the LA Forum. And, he enjoyed a year run on Fox TV, generating over $250.000.00 dollars worth of royalties for people involved.

Other JP songs have been featured on various TV shows. One of JP's songs was on a multi platinum CD, for "La Mafia" a Top Latin group.

He's co-written with Carmine Grillo (Tower of Power/Chicago), Beppe Cantarelli (A. Franklin/Mariah Carrie), Tony Brock (Rod Stewart/Keith Urban/J.Beck), Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent) Buddy Miles (Hendrix/Santana)

Mr. Cervoni songs have been directly responsible for record deals for various artists; he’s produced for Warner, Fonit Cetra, BMG International, Z records, and lastly Quantum Records.

He's currently writing with Shane Sparks (choreographer), of "So you think you can Dance" and “Best Dance Crew" TV shows fame, one of their ballad is going to a new Hip-Hop artist on Disney Records.

The Artist’s interest goes beyond guitar playing, he's interested in writing/playing music that goes beyond the guitar player/fan, he likes songs that reach a wider audience, like "Europa"/Santana, and Gary Moore's "I still got the Blues".

--- Please listen in particular to "Little Grace". HDH Records, a record company owned by Hollad-Dozed-Holland, the Motown team writers of many of Motown's Top hits (their catalog is compared with the Beatles Catalog) has offered JP a deal, after listening to "Little Grace". The company loved the song and wanted a duo/sax version of it; JP has declined the offer, in lieu of not wanting to become a soft-jazz artist, as the record co. suggested.

Set List

Nina Hagen Renato Neto (Rod Stewart, Prince)
Simon Phillips (Toto, The Who, J. Beck)) Carlos Hatem (Tito Puente, C. Korea)
Frank Gambale Steve Trovato (G.I.T. & USC music prof.)Greg Bessonette
Edsel Dope (Dope)
John Patitucci Robbi Rob (Tribe after Tribe, Peal Jam)
Buddy Miles (Hendrix, Santana) Joey Heredia (Sheila E, Stevie Wonder)
Steve Lukather (Toto) Cecilia Noel & the Wild Clams (All Star Band)
Lee Retinour James Raymond (CS &N)
Tony Levin