J Peguero

J Peguero

 Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
SoloHip HopR&B

His sound is Soulful R&B influenced by Jazz, Classical and Hip Hop. He breathes life into his lyrics with a love for words and a constant search for self. He is currently building his fan base one venue at a time and is becoming known as one of the industry’s most exciting entertainers!


J. Peguero may have left Brooklyn for Miami, but Brooklyn hasn't left him.

"I have not been forgiven for leaving Brooklyn yet," laughs the Florida-based artist, who left the city that produced some of his heroes, like Jay-Z and Biggie Smalls, when he was 17.

Yet years later, the Dominican Republic-born J. Peguero still considers himself "a hardcore New Yorker," and in his music you can hear the influences of his hometown, where he first learned to freestyle in Bushwick.

It wasn't until he relocated to Miami though, that he realized music was his true calling.

And as J. Peguero began hitting the studio and laying down tracks, it was as if he was built to make music, and all the evidence you need is on the first mix tape, "This Thing On? Vol. 1", which dropped in September 2009.

Led by the smash "Blackberry Baby", J. Peguero's first recorded work signals the start of a new era in popular music, one where great songs co-exist with great beats and wordplay, something that isn't always a guarantee these days.

J. Peguero is well on his way to reaching that goal, and while the "This Thing On? Vol. 1" mix tape was an impressive introduction. J. Peguero followed up with "This Thing On? Vol. 2" in late 2011 and is scheduled to release "A Tale of Two Cities" in August 2012, which is guaranteed to set the bar even higher as he delivers even more diverse sounds to the listening public.

All the way from the D.R. to BK to MIA and back again, J. Peguero is here to stay!


This Thing On? Vol. I (Mixtape) - 2009
BlackBerry Baby (Single) - 2010
This Thing On? Vol. II (Mixtape) - 2011
Down in My City (Single) - 2011
Go (Single) - 2012
Drop It (Single) - 2012
Turnt Up! featuring Trina (Single) - 2012
Tale Of Two Cities (Mixtape) - Coming Sept. 2012

Set List

Mercy Freestyle Intro
Down In My City
Drop It
Fast Everything
Turnt Up!