JP Fitting

JP Fitting


grew up listening to brit pop and beach boys along w/ all the chess blues and classic country so my music is a mutt of all the things i like

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Prisoner Of Routine

Written By: John Peter Fitting

the prisoner of routine,
sits in front of his TV
as a jet trail ,fades in the winter sky
theres a beautiful world just outside
The prisoner of routine, looks a lot like you and me,in these jeweled prisons of our own devise
the prisoner of routine gets up each morning has a cup of tea, he gets on the subway and goes downtown,
he went to work one day,
when he came home, the kids had grown and moved away ,
when did his life become such routine
it's so sad to stand by as your life goes by, it's so sad, to watch your dreams slowly fade and die ,fade and die
the prisoner of routine,lives his life like in a dream,he's so caught up in chasin' it down, a prisoner in between,
how it is and what could have been, the sun falls slowly into the sea,
it's so sad to watch you stand there,life passing by ,it's so sad to not even try ,god, these gifts you've got,why? don't let them pass you by,
we're all prisoners of routine oohh,oohh