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New York City, New York, United States | INDIE | AFTRA

New York City, New York, United States | INDIE | AFTRA
Band Pop R&B


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"Passion Thrives on Some 2008 Releases"

Nowadays, there is something commendable to be said about R&B that doesn't feature lyrics dripping with sex and vulgarities. Masterpiece is a gem in the sense that it brings back the old school vibe of our culture's MOtown days while still maintaining a firm foothold in the present.

"Sweet sweet freedom/Everybody's on the same road/No matter what your color/Rich or poor..." goes the lulling chorus of "Sweet Freedom," a fitting representative for the tone that is pertinent throughout J. Phoenix's debut effort.

With a title like "Money Don't Mean a Thing," another of the album's tracks could have easily been a forgettable filler piece, but J. Phoenix's smooth, sultry vocals give it the credibility it deserves. Not one syllable is neglected; nor is any sentiment understated. J. Phoenix sings with such passion and conviction that it would be difficult not to be transported.

The album exudes talent, and it is with much hope that J. Phoenix will repave the forgotten path for other R&B artists to regard their craft with the care that he has. - The Pace Press

"J. Phoenix - Masterpiece"

J. Phoenix reaches into his bag of songs and brings back some Stevie Wonder and a dash of Curtis Mayfield, bringing some sorely-needed social consciousness and commentary back to R&B. Not one to skip an audience, J. Phoenix bobs your head, hip-hop style, with his initial cuts, and then mellows you out in the middle set of songs before going organic and ultimately breaking off a little pop flavor for added effect.

With a musical palette for all, the album is solid through and through, but the standout cuts include "Conversation", "Just Another Memory" and "Heart of a Soldier"." - Soulinterviews.com


"Masterpiece" is a blend of ballads and musical styles from neo-soul, to R&B to jazz to soul. J. Phoenix has a smooth, sexy Eric Benet vibrato and a Jill Scott vibe, and writes lyrics of life, love, and social consciousness.

Beautiful ballads on this CD are "Maybe One Day," "Just Another Memory," and "Reflections of You." All are solid and bring together J. Phoenix's appreciation for the past with a strong sense of the present. J. Phoenix's CD is a Masterpiece. - Soultracks.com

"Masterpiece - David McKinney"

Masterpiece contains many possible hits and great songs, but four in particular stand out for me. First, "Sweet Freedom" flows amazingly well and shows off the artist's writing prowess. As a matter of fact, the entire album is one of the most well-written I've heard in a long time. Three other musical gems on the record are "Hate to Love You," "For The People" and "Heart of a Soldier," all of which I could imagine hearing time after time on some of the more prominent R&B radio stations throughout the country. - Musicreviewer.com

"Review: Masterpiece by J. Phoenix"

"Masterpiece" is a beautifully written album that combines different sounds of soul and R&B with touches of jazz and a hint of classical. With each track J. Phoenix is able to deliver heartfelt lyrics that one can feel connected to.

"Sweet Freedom" is a need-to-hear message track along with "Just Like You," and "Maybe One Day. "Just Another Memory" is reminiscent of Eric Benet with a little Kem, but J. Phoenix makes this one unique. Providing an eclectic spin to "Masterpiece,""Heart of a Soldier," has a rock sound yet is still soulful.

This debut album will clearly have people buzzing and raving about J. Phoenix. Every track delivers a message of hope, love and empowerment. - 4dasoul.com


MASTERPIECE, debut album, Soft Release: September 2007, Official Release: June 2008

Recordings (Partial Listing)
"A Fool In Love"- Nancy Wilson
"All That I Am" - Joe
"Thugz Mansion" - Tupac Shakur/Nas
"Circle of Life" - Michelle Wright
"Ain't No Remedy" - Earth, Wind & Fire
"I Fall So Deep" Gary Barlow
"Still Waters" - George Benson
"All For One" - Randy Brecker



“Authentic, that’s the genre,” says award-winning songwriter and vocalist J. Phoenix when asked about his music. He is not being facetious. He’s serious. Every lyric and ever melody comes from some place deep inside his soul leading him to create the type of songs that are cherished for decades. It is this ability that won him honorable mention for a pop ballad, an R&B uptempo and a hip hop, RB mix in the 16th Billboard World Song Contest.

In the 2008 J. Phoenix brought his music to the people with the independently released, 13-song debut CD, Masterpiece.

“Creating Masterpiece has been one of the most empowering acts of my life” J. Phoenix says. “Preparing the album reinforced my belief in my music and spoke to my independence.”

One of the industry’s best kept secrets, until now, J. Phoenix (who writes under his given name, Larry Loftin) is highly disciplined and dedicated to the arts of singing and songwriting. In an effort to be heard, this ASCAP award-winning songwriter has performed his own music in clubs and at special events, licensed his music for film and television, and had hit makers in pop, jazz, R&B, hip hop and gospel genres record his tunes. But, his ultimate goal is to sing the songs he writes to the masses.

J. Phoenix began his music career, in church, at the age of seven. “By the time I reached high school I was winning vocal contests and working with local bands. I was also writing, but doing so secretly. It wasn’t until college that I let the proverbial cat out of the bag. People were feeling my songs, but I still considered myself a singer, not a songwriter.” The earliest acknowledgement within the industry of J. Phoenix’s vocal talent came from the late Luther Vandross; and his songwriting talent was recognized by renowned arranger and producer, Mattias Gustafsson, with whom he wrote more than 100 songs.

From those launching pads J. Phoenix, followed the encouragement of his attorney to shop himself as a songwriter, which resulted in consecutive publishing deals with BMG and Zomba. His skill as a songwriter across genres was proven early in his career. In what seemed like lightening speed, J. Phoenix was honored with the ASCAP/Sammy Cahn Award for excellence in lyrics. His song “Adore You”, recorded by contemporary gospel group Anointed, was nominated for a Dove Award (Urban Recorded Song of the Year). His ballad “I Fall So Deep” was prominently featured in the film B.A.P.S. Legendary jazz vocalist Nancy Wilson recorded “A Fool In Love”. R&B vocalist Joe recorded “All That I Am” for his platinum-selling album of the same title. Acclaimed European, pop vocalist Gary Barlow recorded “I Fall So Deep”. Renowned jazz guitarist George Benson recorded “Still Waters”; and Michelle Wright, one of Canada’s premiere artists recorded “Circle of Life”.

Coming of age at the dawn of hip hop, it was only
natural that this genre would soon embrace him. When it did, it was as both singer and songwriter. J. Phoenix is the voice and the writer behind the hook for Tupac Shakur’s “Thugz Mansion” (Nas version) on the Better Dayz album and on Nas’ God’s Son.

J. Phoenix songs, and oftentimes his voice, have been heard on television shows in Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Sweden and Taiwan. In the United States his songs have been featured in major motion pictures, such as “The Brothers” and “From Justin to Kelly”, and on tell-all television shows such as E! True Hollywood Story, Revealed, Access Hollywood, and Facing Fame. In 2006 J. Phoenix was heard, along with American Idol, Bo Bice, in a commercial campaign for the Hasbro Monopoly™ board game.

J. Phoenix’s writing style is best described as universal. Every song--whether a love ballad or a mid-tempo, with a socially conscious theme--carries a thought-provoking message. As a writer he is often mentioned in the same breath with Lionel Richie, Bill Withers, James Taylor, and even John Lennon. Former Billboard editor, Melinda Newman, summed it up best when she wrote “few artists looking for deals come with credentials as strong…”

Vocally J. Phoenix is soulful—not only R&B soulful, but soul-felt across all genres, delivering from deep within. He arouses crowds while seamlessly performing Donnie Hathaway and Stevie Wonder covers, Broadway show tunes and his own pop, R&B, rock and country-tinged songs. Music journalist, Brian Cogan described him this way: “He is by no means a soul singer in the traditional sense. While trace elements of Al Green and Sam Cooke can be detected on the Geiger counter, there is just as much craft as a typical Disney show tune, somehow funneled through Seal.”
J. Phoenix has been invited to perform at such high-profile events as the Sundance Film Festival and Intel Music Festival, to sit on panels along side prestigious songwriters, such as Barry Eastmond, and to collaborate with other well-known writers in Nashville, and on both coasts. His lyrical wisdom and provocative st