JP Houston

JP Houston


NIGHT LIFE MAGAZINE (abbr.) Notable is Houston’s heartbreaking voice as well as the continuous flow of impressive musical arrangements. Rich tracks expertly support softer tunes, needing nothing more than JP and his guitar to carry them. The welcome outcome of experienced and dedicated song writing.


JP Houston is a Montreal based singer, producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. His music is a list of esoteric mumbo jumbo including psychedelic, orchestral, soul and 1930's pop.

Houston also has an extensive catalogue of songs composed for theatre, film and television. A catalogue he has amassed since beginning his professional songwriting career at the age of 17. His work as a composer garnered him a 2001 Gemini nomination for best dramatic score. He also works as a producer with bands including the Nymphets.

In his spare time, JP writes in the third person


As Long As You're Here With Me - LP (2006)
Live at Zion - Video EP (2006)
JP Houston's Special Christmas Special (2006)