Faribault, Minnesota, USA
BandHip Hop

Live, Energetic & Original. JPK gives you music that anyone can enjoy weather your swinging in the mosh pit or remembering a fallen one.


JPK Is A New Jersey "MC" born & raised in New Brunswick, New Jersey
and now residing in Faribault, Minnesota. JPK saw himself slowly
slipping and becoming a statistic back in 1999. By 2007, he teamed up
with his past partner, Bigg Redd, and formed the group "Brothaz From Tha
Darksyde" Soon after that, JPK began to open shows for National acts
such as Tech N9ne, Paul Wall, Insane Clown Posse, D-12,

ABK and more. With 6 solid releases under his belt, JPK decided to move
on from the group to become a solo artist. Which caused his move to
Wisconsin in 2010. As a resident of Wisconsin, JPK quickly became a "fan
favorite" at shows with his brilliant lyrics and amazing stage
presence. JPK became a local attraction during his tenure out in
Wisconsin. In 2013, JPK decided to move once again, so he relocated to
Minnesota where he now continues to dazzle the crowd. JPK uses music as
an outlet first and foremost. He puts real life experiences in his music
that anyone can relate to. JPK brings that old school hip hop feel back
to music that is well needed. Wanna know about JPK?? Just listen to the


Snake Eyez Mixtape
Digging In The Crates
Poltergeist Ep
Pirate Of The Underground
Behind Barz
The Dope Opera Ep
732 To Tha 414