J.P. McDermott and Western Bop

J.P. McDermott and Western Bop


Red Hot Rockabilly and Vintage Honky Tonk! Prepare for the socks to be knocked out from under your boots and blue suede shoes by J.P. McDermott and Western Bop. Their music has enough heart and soul to bring a tear to the eye and spring to the step of the most die-hard roots music lover.


What folks are saying about Western Bop…

* "2004 WAMMIE WINNER - COUNTRY VOCALIST OF THE YEAR" ~ Washington Area Music Association

* "The Keeper of the Rockabilly Flame" ~ Joel Sparks, OnTap Magazine

* "Honky Tonk The Way It Should Be…JP McDermott & Western Bop throw down the classic country and rockabilly as well as anyone around... go go go!" - Eric Brace, The Washington Post

* "Excellent" ~ Fritz Hahn, The Washington Post

* "The singing and playing are a terrific evocation of Elvis Presley's Sun recordings crossed with Buddy Holly style vocals" ~ Tom Heyman, Listen.com

"I must tell you AUTHENTIC ROCKABILLY!!! A mournful, lonesome cry to the past. The band is outstanding. " ~ Blake Gregory, MetroMusicConnection

* "Rockabilly and honky tonk country are a lot closer to the blues than that little trip Elvis took across the tracks. D.C.'s finest honky tonk singer does real working man's music." ~ Terence McArdle, Big Trouble


Last Fool Here

Written By: J.P. McDermott

When they turn off the jukebox,
And they put up all the chairs,
When they turn out the lights,
And sweep up for the night,
I'll be the last fool here.

I know all the barmaids,
And the jukebox songs by heart,
I've been down on that floor,
I've been thrown out that door,
Still, I'll be the last fool here.

I'll be the last fool here at closing
And the first fool to show tomorrow night
Since she left me alone,
This bar's been my home,
And I'll be the last fool here.

So pour me another,
And then pour me another again.
It don't make things right,
But I'll get through tonight,
And I'll be the last fool here.

Not Enough of You

Written By: J.P. McDermott

I've got a lot of heartaches,
And rivers full of tears,
A million empty bottles,
And too many wasted years.

I've lived with pain and sorrow,
They seem like my old friends,
I've spent the night with broken dreams,
That never seem to end.

I've had enough of longing,
I've had enough of blues,
I've had enough of loneliness,
But not enough of you.

And though you'll wed another,
I still love you so,
And though I know,
You'll never know,
My heart can't let you go...

I've had enough of longing,
I've had enough of blues,
I've had enough of loneliness,
But not enough of you.


"Last Fool Here" is out on Shower-Tone Records. We're getting airplay on:

KEXP, Seattle, WA
WNHU, New Haven, CT
WPRB, Princeton, NJ
MCWC, Mora, Sweden

Set List

This is good-time music -- heartfelt, fresh, and a lot more fun than you've had in years. J.P. and the boys serve up Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, Webb Pierce, Johnny Cash, Warren Smith, Elvis Presley, Ray Price, Johnny Bush, Jerry Lee Lewis, Hank Williams, Marty Robbins, Wynn Stewart, George Jones, and some damn fine original tunes -- all piping hot, tasty, and 100% guaranteed to get you off your bar stool and on to the dance floor. Hear these songs played like they were just written last night -- a fun, fresh, hard-driving sound that you just can't resist!