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Gospel hip-hop. A new school old school blend depending on what song you check out. This is real hip-hop with a positive flow without being to preachy. There is no sugar coating on this cd, i dont go for the holyer than thou bit. By the way my latest work is titled The Gateway.


Gospel-hip-hop is not a new form uf music anymore, it's been around for a while now. I've been performing it for some time, almost ten years. My influences range from old school artist like Run Dmc, Dela Soul& Andra Crouch to new school artist like Ti & kirk Franklin. My style is today, yesterday,and tomorrow. I have learned this buisness, and what i do best is simple. Rock the mic, move the crowd, and praise the Lord. [ praise the Lord comes first.] For a full bio, check out JPOETMUSIC.COM


Somebody Just For Me

Written By: J. Poet


A Jellis put the record on

I’m looking for someone (singing 4 times)
GOD send somebody just for me (rapping 4 times)

1st Verse
Tired of wasting
All my time
Back and forth
All in the streets
Year to year
Month to month
Day to day
Week to week
Try to look my best
Nice young lady
I could meet
I might see you
In a diner
Tip my hat
Take a seat
Many things we could discuss
Here’s my number
I can keep - PAUSE

The spice in my life
And a gleam in your eye - PAUSE

Always tell the truth
No excuse
To tell a lie
Not feeling what I’m sayin
Here’s your chance
Say goodbye - PAUSE

I hope you hang around
There’s some things
I’d like to try
Take a walk
In the park
Hold your hand
If it’s dark
Give me a few minutes
I know I’ll have your heart

It would be great
To make a date
You be my girl
I’ll be your mate
Want me to pick you up
I will not
Take a trip
On a ship
In my pool
Take a dip
On a hot summer day
Ice T we’d sip
But when I went to get her
The honey had skipped


Now I think I got the answer
Drop to my knees
Send up a little prayer
Ask the Lord please
Send me someone
Special in my life
Spend time
Even be my wife
Not a fling
That last the test of time
And oh so fine
Got my back
If I lack
And I’m hungry
And strapped
Don’t like to fuss and fight
Know how to use tack
Be my friend
To the end
Take my pain
If you could
The closer we get
That all make it all good
When another person won’t
I knew you would
Peace in my life
In my house
In my hood
Always understanding
Never misunderstood
Treat me with respect
Like a soul mate should
Girl to spend my life with
Buy her a diamond ring
When you find the right wife
You find a good thing


I’m glad your in my life
We can start a family
Keep it real
That’s the deal
If I’m ill
Help me heal
Meet you on your job
For lunch
Share a meal
Have a nice night
When you get home from work
Rub your feet
When I know your feet hurt
Take you out to dinner
Then order dessert
Listen when you talk
Won’t doze
Stay alert
Like a high price job
That’s full of perks
That’s what together
Is really all about
Took sometime
To figure this out
To be a good couple
Just keep things true
Do for me
And I’ll do for you
Call me baby
And I’ll call you boo
Keep GOD first
Is first to do
Union blessed
And your life is to
Hope I covered it all
Cause now I’m through




I began in main stream hip-hop many years ago. I had several songs play in area clubs [ D.C., VA, & MD]. I had a song aired on wpgc95.5 on the home jams segment that received a seventy seven percent approval rating in 1994. I released a video [ SARA SMILE] IN 1995 that played in light rotation on BET. I got saved and started a gospel hip-hop ministry in 1998. I released my first full cd [ GLORY] in 2001. Glory played in tweenty five states on 135 radio stations. I have performed in several concerts and in a showcase for the stellar awards in 2003. I just released my second cd in gospel in january 07 titled THE GATEWAY. The leads songs are Somebody Just For Me and Roll Wit Dis. The Gateway is already in rotation in fifthteen states.

Set List

4-8 songs. Somebody for me, Roll wit dis, Piece of my love, wHho got the spirit, Great fight night, The gateway, Face of the enemy, & one cut of the GLORY cd Things i like. Sets are normally tweenty to forty minutes. I have recorded tweenty two songs total on my first and second cd.