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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | INDIE
Band EDM New Age


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Bedroom-Producing ist eine feine Sache - dank erleichtertem elektronischen Zugang (Internetpräsenz und Musiksoftware für alle!) und Machtschwund der Industrie kann jetzt jedeR im Musikzirkus mitmischen. Allerdings bedeutet dies gleichzeitig auch, dass Trilliarden halbgarer Songideen unsere Gehörgänge überschwemmen. Umso erfreulicher also, wenn sich aus dem Bandcamp/Soundcloud/Myspace/etc.-Wust Hörenswertes schält, wie z.B. J Près “Platonia”.
Dieser Song ist unser klarer Favorit und auch die stimmige Singleauskopplung aus dem frisch veröffentlichten Album “Synesthesia”: Elektronische Soundspiralen bringen uns zum Schweben. Auf den restlichen Tracks verwebt der Künstler aus Philadelphia melodische Synthie- und Gitarrenloops mit einfachem Drumprogramming zu unaufdringlichem Listening-Pop. - Audio Heidi

"Review of "Platonia" single"

Review of “Platonia”
I’ve always had a great amount of respect for Think Thoughts Records. Local Kids with respect for Local Acts, They’ve always had a particularly adept ear at catching up on potentially revolutionary acts, if only given the proper opportunity. Now perhaps I am being a little bit hyperbolic yet it’s been a while since I’ve seen Ambient/Electronica originals so crisp from a local source. It reminds me, in a lot of ways, of Bibio meets Lone and no song quite explains it like J Pre’s “Platonia”. With a lengthy introduction into a heavily building layers of a polyphonic melody, each harmony playing off of the other, J Pre provided Dissociative Identity a great introduction into the new, local, ambient scene. And thank God for that. Frankly, I wasn’t sure if that style was still “in” now a days, apart from Gracie’s own interpretation of it (which is still a long ways from ambient, necessarily). Although my issue is, where’s the rest of the tracks? Admittedly, I’m probably just getting anxsty because I like what I hear so far, however it is something far more philosophical on the ambient genre. Ambient music is not about any particular song: for example, I remember arguing with friends about which Boards of Canada song was our favorite. I now realize we were asking the entirely wrong question, a point that I hope J Pre embraces in his next release. Despite to say, over all, I’m very happy with Platonia and J Pre as a whole. More importantly though, I’m excited to see what J Pre will bring in the fall. - Dissociative Identity Productions

"J Pre - Synesthesia"

August 3rd, 2011
Dissociative Identity Productions

About a week ago, Dissociative Identity had the chance to give a quick look at Think Thought Records own, J Pre. It was a start, admittedly, but released far too early. See, “Platonia” was truly just a preview of his full collection. Now it’s time to take a closer look. Released on July 27th, 2011, Synesthesia is a perfect rebuttal to any complaint I could’ve had of “Platonia” on it’s own. And if you recall, my complaints were fairly slim. For one, there is definitely a flow to this album that keeps it interesting. In his press statement, J Pre even remarks, “Synesthesia is supposed to have a deep philosophical and emotional appeal to the fact that music can change moods.” How true that is. Opposed to the overly melancholy releases of West Coast up and comers Lorn and Nosaj Thing (no disrespect but come on, can ya try playing with the listeners a little more than just with one mood?), J Pre includes bits of pieces of reflective ambient beats with monologue samples similar to Boards of Canada, followed next by a heavy party beats the likes of Ratatat, to a jazz-esque sampling along the lines of Peanut Butter Wolf meets dj’ing software like Traktor. I’m not going to choose a favorite song off this release, as I usually do, since it would be disrespectful to the project as a whole. The point I would tell you is to just take it all in: there’s no reason to be the Itunes shopper, picking and choosing select bits to make some incomplete whole. A couple of ending notes. 1) Be sure to download the album within the first month for “name your price” (God I love the Copy Left) 2) See J Pre spin live as a farewell to Summer over at the “Battle of the Canvas” (more information here). Finally, 3) Stay tuned, J Pre has personally stated that his next release will feature a live band and will focus more on a rock n’ roll sound. It should be called, “J Pre and the Mystics“. I’m interested, to say the least. - Dissociative Identity Productions

"The Justin P. Romanos Experiment"

Eighteen-year-old, Connecticut native Justin P. Romanos began his music career in fifth grade when he and his friends put together a band for their school’s talent show.

Aside from a few short hiatuses, he hasn’t really stopped playing or writing music since then, and from the looks of his latest solo project, which he dubbed “J Pre,” he won’t be stopping anytime soon.

“J Pre is an acronym for the Justin P. Romanos experiment,” said Justin who released his first EP “The Great Migration,” back in May and is planning to release his first full-length album some time next year.

“I plan to be recording again in beginning of July. There are a lot of songs I have that have yet to be recorded and some have to be re-recorded,” said Justin.

Over the years, Justin has acquired quite an extensive history of playing music. He has written and played music in as many as five different bands and even took the initiative to launch his own independent record label, Think Thought Records, in order to release his music.

“I used it as a way to manage all of my bands, because for a period of about 6 months I was playing in and managing three bands,” said Justin.

To date, Justin and his band mates have released four albums on Think Thought Records. Although his former bands Verse Apollo, Mt. Olympus, and Two Headed Horse, all chose to go separate ways, J Pre plans to continue releasing music via Think Thought Records.

“Currently the only remaining band on the label is J Pre, since the other bands broke up. I am waiting until I move to Philadelphia before I start adding more bands there. I will also be working with Zach Kelly’s new band [Like Beast] to release a CD next fall,” said Justin.

Whether playing with a band or working on his own, Justin seems to be content just as long as he can write and play music.

“I love playing in a band because there’s that brotherhood. But a lot of the times there are a lot of conflicting ideas, which inhibit anything from getting done.”

“I just really like the freedom that comes with doing my solo project. And of course I’m still best friends with my old band members,” said Justin.

J Pre’s most recent release is a single titled, “The Summer on West Way,” named after a street called West Way in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

“When I was writing the song I was thinking of Nantucket because it was very close to the end of the year and I was just thinking back to all the great experiences I’ve had there and I decided to write a song about it,” said Justin.

J Pre attests to recording many of his songs “on the fly” or without much planning. “The Summer on West Way” happens to be one of J Pre’s more impromptu recordings.

“One day I was rehearsing for a show and I decided to take a break and I just started strumming four chords. Based on those fours chords I knew I had to record it.”

“After only playing it a couple of times I knew how I wanted to construct the song. The recording process however, was a very long process. I spent a total of five days working on the song, trying to make it as perfect as I could,” said Justin.

In addition to perfecting new songs and working on his next release, J Pre has also found the time to play a few live shows here and there.

“I recently played a show for the Keep-A-Breast Foundation. J Pre’s live shows are mostly played solo by me, but sometimes I also have Zach Kelly and my brother, Josh join me to play as a live band,” said Justin.

Although musical accompaniment from other musicians might sometimes be helpful, J Pre’s truly solo shows makes for a more unique experience.

“I use a variety of techniques to play live shows that make it unique. I combine the shoe gaze aspect of using pedals and loop stations with samples and live drums,” said Justin.

Justin has certainly come a long way since his fifth grade talent show. In terms of his plans for the future, Justin’s intentions are genuine and rooted in his passion for music. He seems to be just as excited as anyone else to see where the project may take him.

“I am really open-minded and I am just kind of doing things as they come. I would love to gain a following and have people listen to my music, but to me it’s not about that. It’s about the music. I do this because I love it,” said Justin.

Check out J Pre’s music on Myspace and Bandcamp and download his latest single, “The Summer on West Way” at Last.fm. His EP “The Great Migration is also available for download on iTunes. - Katie


Think Thought Records Compilation Vol. 1
J Pre | The Great Migration (2010)
J Pre | The Summer on West Way (single) (2010)
J Pre | The Joy in Sound (2010)
J Pre | Synesthesia (2011)



Justin P. Romanos was born in Waterbury, CT on July 6th 1991and grew up in the small town of Woodbury, CT. He began his musical career in middle school and played in various bands; including Two Headed Horse, Mt Olympus, and Verse Apollo. Justin then began recording and releasing his own music under the name J Prè - an acronym for the “Justin P. Romanos experiment” in 2008 (http://jprexperiment.com)

Justin released his first EP “The Great Migration” in May 2010. He also released a singled “The Summer on West Way” in June 2010. Justin then spent his summer working on his next release The Joy in Sound (http://jprexperiment.bandcamp.com/album/the-joy-in-sound) which was released November 22nd, 2010.

Justin majors in Music Industry at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He began experimenting with different recording techniques and programmings. Justin began working on two albums simultaneously. One album which was to be released completely with electronic music. The second album would be a studio album with live instruments and will be intended to be played with a live band.

J Pre announced the release of his third album “Synesthesia” in June 2011, and was set to release digitally on July 27th, 2011.
“Synesthesia is an album consisting entirely of electronic instrumentals with occasional samples.
“Synesthesia is supposed to have a deep philosophical and emotion appeal to the fact that music can change moods, and that’s what I tried to do, I tried to create moods within the music. I’ve always had such a deep love for musicians like Boards of Canada, Yppah, Daft Punk, Ratatat and so many more. I feel like some people understand this, and thats why their music is so touching. My next album will be much more rock orientated, as I like to change it up with each album. It will feature a live band and will be played with the band under the name ‘J Pre and the Mystics’”
-Justin P. Romanos June 22nd, 2011