Boston, Massachusetts, USA

JPRiZM is an artist, producer, songwriter who produces, writes and performs all of his own material. Inspired by an eclectic mix of musical influences, his sound is pop electro hip-hop. The genre-bending JPRiZM epitomizes the soundtrack of his generation; incorporating synthetic vibes of virtual worlds fused with bump worthy beats of modernity. Lyrically witty and unbounded by convention, his nerd cool music speaks to audiences with emotion and intellect.


JPRiZM - The Creator - Artist, Producer, DJ, Songwriter. First and foremost, JPRiZM is a creator, an Ambassador to Curiosity. With a Jackson Pollock-esque production philosophy, JPRiZM loves the blank canvas, seeing an open universe of creativity within his soundscape, he is untethered to boxes. Tools of the trade primarily being a keyboard, a pen, and a microphone. Whenever you hear a creation by JPRiZM you should expect two things, 1.) outer-worldly melodies that evoke feelings of transcendence and peace 2.) beats and rhythms that will make you want to move.  

JPRiZM first began his music industry journey with his album “Mindwalker” voted a 2014 top 50 hip hop album by CMJ (College Music Journal).

Since his days as an MC, JPRiZM has transformed himself into a super producer, getting songs in commercials, & spending countless hours in the lab, cooking up original Club // EDM vibes and remixes for various artists. You can check out his latest work at

Released in Spring 2017 is the EDM genre EP called WAVES. JPRiZM dubs it a “vocal instrumental visceral experience for the senses”, a sentiment shared by various listening groups. As a producer, WAVES is a unifying project of JPRiZM’s sound growth and love of electronic dance and hip hop music, a mesh some describe as electro hip hop chillwave. As regards genre tags JPRiZM calls the sound style of WAVES, “Wavvy Trap” or “Dream Trap” which is very similar to that of Future Bass, a more melodic heavenly vibe that than of its club neighbor EDM Trap, or ATL Trap.  Some of his influences // similar artists for the project include: Flume, Diplo, Major Lazer, Jack U, Skrillex, Disclosure, Alison Wonderland, Wave Racer, San Holo, Mr. Carmack, Djemba Djemba, Dillon Francis, Kaytranada, Baauer, DJ Snake, Porter Robinson, Madeon, Slushii, Marshello, ODESZA, SBTRK. Also over the past several months JPRIZM has also released the single and music video with Berklee School of Music's vocal powerhouse and songwriting phenom Jennie.O, entitled “Heroin (My Love)”, a song about the addicting power of love.  And other recent singles include Half Life and WAVVY. WiZARD, explorations of JPRiZM's musical and production chops and adventurousness. 

Even more exciting about JPRiZM is that which is yet to come! Currently, JPRiZM is back to producing & collaborating with various acts within the music industry. One of which is Roc Nation’s Joelle James for whom JPRiZM produced and composed several songs including Chemistry and Fire for her debut mixtape entitled “iSCREAM” to be released Fall 2017. 

Although it’s been a couple of years since his last release as a vocalist, JPRiZM has not altogether left behind the MC rapping/singing game or the stage. He’ll be back soon! Dubbed a triple threat – artist, producer, writer – he’s got several thought-provoking as well as fun songs that he’s got lined up for release when the right time later this year. A visual as well as aural creator, i.e., he designs all his artwork as well as storyboards his videos, these JPRiZM vocal songs on deck as usual will be accompanied with his trademark visual ride.

Not one to be labeled, PRiZZY, as he’s often-times referred to by clients and collaborators is a creator without boundaries. Adept at coloring within the lines when the project calls for it, but often sought out because of his prowess at bending and blending genres to create unique fusions. Clients often say put the PRiZZY sauce on that or sprinkle some PRiZZY into it. His musical forays reflect the origins of his moniker, JPRiZM.  “That moniker came out because I have such a vast appreciation for different music genres,” he says. “My name is Jared Price, JP, JPRiZM. But where I’m at musically is like a prism. Prisms look different every time you look at them. Always changing. Depends on which way the light is hitting it at the time. With me, on any given day, that’s how I am musically. Catch me one day, I’m working on some hip hop beats, another day, I’m doing EDM, EDM Trap, indie pop, or trip hop. I keep it interesting for myself, my collaborators, clients, and ultimately for my listeners.” 

When he's not in the studio, JPRiZM can be found DJing events and clubs as well as bringing the JPRiZM experience to the live stage. 

JPRiZM…Ambassador to Curiosity


"Waves" EP released Spring 2017" 

"Heroin (My Love)", a single by Jennie.O x JPRiZM...a song about the addictive effects of love.

MiNDWALKER" is an indie pop, hip hop and EDM album written, performed and produced by JPRiZM. Top 50 Hip Hop Album CMJ.

"Ethereal", an instrumental trip hop/electro jazz album released under the artist name "Knobbs".