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J. P. Taylor

Cape Coral, Florida, United States | SELF

Cape Coral, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Folk Singer/Songwriter


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"Leicester Bangs Review"

J.P. Taylor is a teacher, a naturalist and a musician, and over the last decade he's released a series of educational albums that he's used in the classroom to help get across his conservationist message. They deserve a far wider audience. His songs are clever and witty, his arrangements have plenty of pop appeal, and he sings with a voice that's part Colin Hay and part Steven Stills. Also, if his songs make you think about what's going on around you, and inspire you take a little affirmative `green' action within your own life, surely that's no bad thing, either.

"Looking For A Sign" begins with "I Sing for the Trees", a rousing statement of intent, with a huge hook and the sort of addictive melody that only years of therapy will remove from the subconscious. The production is spot on (is that a horn section I hear?) and it would sound at home on any grown-up radio station that cared to play it during daytime hours. "Conservation Nation" seems to have been transported from 1972, with it's West Coast feel and "We've Got the Power" is a righteous call to arms. Obviously, if any of the above seems relevant to you, and as a human it should do, we recommend downloading your copy rather than buying the CD. Every little bit helps. - Amazon

"Soulful Beauty & Inspiration to Save Mother Earth"

J.P. Taylor's music touches the soul to the depths that few others have done through the decades. His passion and dedication inspires us all to take action, educate others, and encourage everyone to reclaim our calling as stewards of the earth. Through his music and lyrics, J.P. gives hope and inspiration. His melodies are contagious. You'll be uplifted and moved as you may not have been before. "We've Got the Power" and "Interdependence Day" get you up out of your chair and wanting to hit the ground running to act and save our dear Mother Earth and all the precious lives inhabiting her. This is a CD that all will want to share and give as inspirational gifts ~ because we all need a "Wake-Up Call" to show we "Care Enough" to make a difference and let our voices be heard for a future we can all be proud of. Congratulations J.P. on an excellent CD for all ages! - Suzanne Sparling - Co-Founder SEN4Earth.org

"Environmental Education in song"

JP Taylor is an inspirational song writer and performer. In the 60's Dylan used music to bring us to a consciousness on issues of the day. JP brings us the words and need for change in the world troubled by so many problems. He is a true inspiration through his work.' Looking for a Sign' has been a long time in the making an features many messages for us to ponder. Track 4 Care Enough is one of my favorites as is Interdependance Day, a track inspired by the Greenhouse Neutral Foundations declaration that we are all interconnected on the issues of world pollution and climate change, and it should be listened to often. We will celebrate July 5th each year to call for all to understand this important message brought to us here in song by JP. I encourage all to get a copy of Looking for a Sign - all will gain inspiration from its messages. - Bob Williamson Founder & Chair Greenhouse Neutral Foundation.

"the warmth of sincerity"

J.P. Taylor has the incredible warmth of sincerity in his voice as he does the good work of encouraging an environmental ethos with his music. - Shawn Thompson, author of The Intimate Ape

"Albums Rich in Environmental Songs"

Blending the vocalizations and stylings of artists like Mark Knopfler, John Hiatt, and Sting, this 9-song CD by J.P. Taylor offers up some very solid coffee-house rock. Fair-trade organic coffee-house rock, that is—all of the songs on the album have a distinctly earth-friendly slant, gently touching on issues such as conservation, clean air and water, global warming, and the need for all of us to start pulling together. J.P. Taylor isn't just "doing good" here—he's doing good music. - GrinningPlanet

"a soundtrack for positive environmental change"

J.P's The Last Frontier triumphs where so many before him have failed in creating an album which oozes integrity, sending a clear and accurate environmental message whilst being musically brilliant. Placing an artist is always difficult but I think if you like vintage Chris Rea and The Eagles you will be on extremely safe ground. The message is strong and true without hammering you over the head. Standout tracks for me include the country-tinged `The Last frontier' and `Turn It Around'. `Rise to the Challenge' is one of my favourites - a hypnotic anthem with hymn-like lyrics which strongly reminds me of everything I love about Roger Waters' solo excursions.

In short, if you need a soundtrack for the positive environmental change that we all hope will happen, then it has arrived. - Amazon

"CD REVIEW: J. P. Taylor - The Eyes of the World"

There’s little more environmentally sound and statement-hungry than the Eyes of J. P. Taylor. He sits aloft and below with his acoustic guitar, helped by drums, guitar solos, keyboards, backing vocals and lots of etc. when the need arises, forking out what the singer calls Enviromusik.

It doesn’t arise for the title song, all J needs is himself and a constantly flicking guitar, perhaps a good ooooooo from some undisclosed ghosts in the back. But this cd is all J. True, much of his songwriting may be so direct, you’ll be a little shocked. Speaking of rich people and what we could do to change the world and pollution and all the subjects upon which the gov’t hopes to have no policy, else it’ll upset commercialism. However, J doesn’t spill like a mean ol’ rocker, but with the laid back folk-tuned voyeurism of Mr. Joe Average.

‘The work of Dr. Jane Goodall, "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin, Jacques Cousteau, and many others, has inspired the creation of this album. They are environmental crusaders of the highest order and are an inspiration to everyone who cares about our planet.’ J is working himself up to join the group, with songs like the simple, swaying ‘Ivory’ which talks straight out about killing elephants for ivory. For those delighting in subtle challenges, J isn’t your man. He understands that if you have a really Good concept that might help the world, don’t hide it. Bring it right out in the open, get people to stand around it and look. Like ginseng, it’s healthy for you, though you might not realize it.

‘Tell Me Why’ takes on the tv viewers that rule the world. The tv news is streaming and constant, yet what the hell do we Do about what we see? J wants to know why. So do I. Luckily encased within these crass explanations comes a steady wash of pretty folk music that like Dylan keeps on kicking down one street, but it’s a musically unaffected and needful sort of music. Soft and not soft soap, bubbling with 60s sense, 90s danger, and 00s foreboding.

J’s Eyes see what others aren’t looking for. He hopes to entertain with his brand of foot tap. Like a good video from the Schoolhouse Rock classroom, but much more important. Better if people didn’t know sentence construction but would leave the rhino and the ocean alone. You can have some fun while you’re learning, too. - Ben Ohmart - The Muse's Muse


"A New Leaf"
"Looking for a Sign"
"The Last Frontier"
"The Eyes of the World"
"Singin' for the Earth"
Single: "Interdependence Day"



Since childhood, JP Taylor's two passions have been nature
and music. As a teacher he began combining the two,
and for over a decade his educational recordings have
helped make learning fun in classrooms around the world.

Now JP has focused his attention on spreading the word about environmental issues to an even larger audience. His unique blend of tropical-flavored folk-rock songs are being hailed by many in the green movement, and his music has been recognized by some of the most prominent environmental leaders. His song "Save em" along with one from superstar Sting, was included on the cd Tree for Peace - Tree for the Earth produced by the Association Pour la Terre, in cooperation with Outward Bound Monaco and UNESCO.

Always working on the next song, JP recently put together a benefit album for Orang Utan Republik Foundation. His cd Looking for a Sign features tributes to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society ("Shepherds of the Sea"), Ric O'Barry's Dolphin Project ("Is It Really a Smile?), and several other wildlife protection organizations.

JP's latest mini-album "A New Leaf" features the song "Chimp Eden" a tribute to the Jane Goodall Institute's chimpanzee refuge in South Africa. He has also just released a free-download single entitled "Orang Utan" to promote conservation efforts of the critically endangered species.