Cerritos, California, USA
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JPX is a mix of Gill Scott Heron, Tupac, Kirk Franklin, and Curtis Mayfield. This is where the church & the street meet . Not sugar coated or watered down nor to high minded. JPX is not a church boy that raps he is a street boy that loves Jesus.


JPX started performing in high school as a dancer for one of the premier local rap groups. He quickly advanced to emcee after a knee surgery took him out the game. He was the section leader of the drum section and Vice- President in the highly ranked Scott Bulldogs of Toledo, Ohio. JPX was always musical and business savvy. JPX signed a Deal with a minor independent Skinny Records under the name JP The Unknown? At the time he was just a deep minded hardcore lyrist that caught notice in Vibe, Source and Spice. This seemed to be a dream come true, but JPX --suffered from migraines and was unable to tour. With the pain came depression and left JP in the hospital.

JPX veered off into witchcraft and excelled as a Wicca Solitaire Practitioner. He Released the Systems check EP on The House of Jason Magus. When the witchcraft reached its deepest point. JPX had an awakening when a spell went sour. On Sept 14 1997 JPX gave his life to Christ at Grace Temple C.O.G.I.C. under his uncle Elder Martin Johnson. Switching focus to only the Lord’s Music JPX headlined the Independent Record Summit in Memphis98 and with deals promised to him in LA he moved to the west coast for a taste of the life. But it escaped him again as the label A&R went off the deep end and was let go and his artist.

JPX stayed in LA to learn switching his focus again to ministry he enrolled at the Victory Outreach School Of Ministry and did street ministry in the Nickerson Gardens. He attended The Church of the Harvest under Bishop Clarence McClendon. JPX received the Holy Spirit Summer of 98, Delivered from Migraines on Dec 10th 98 then delivered from knee braces on Apr 25th 99. He received the Word through Scripture to go home and rebuild the Temple. JPX moved back home to Toledo and after the Flood in the summer of 99 JPX presented the church with the paper work for the grant to rebuild. JPX was called to the office of a Deacon under Elder Donald “Panther” Smith who was laid to rest shortly after in 2001.

JPX now has accepted the call to preach and now he’s a Minister. JPX is dedicated to the Street Ministry and feels that he can best serve the Kingdom by saving Souls in the hood. JPX is currently Armor-Bearer to Supt. Chester B. Trail of Grace Temple C.O.G.I.C. Ohio North.


Rock With Me

Written By: Jason Purifie

Rock with Me

Giving honor to god who is the head of my life

Devil you should have killed me when you had the chance
You should have

I just want yall to rock with me
In Jesus name
Two or more gathered in name
And that’s where he’ll be
Now I just want to see them G’s dancing
I want to see his people laughing and smiling
Having good times and bad times
And not loosen they mind
I’m still writing rhymes and still making beats
I’m still making saints want to get up on they feet
And cut rug for the most high
Till the day I die
With a thorn in my side
Like Paul on the battlefield
Still ill with a pen
Still got the gift of gab
I just want to make good music
That Christian can praise and worship to
Rock with me and together we’ll get blessed
Together we’ll get blessed
Together we’ll confess Jesus Christ
About the power of God and
How he changed your life
If you know will you rock with me
Come on

I just want you to rock with me Hook X2
Come on
I just want you to rock with me
Will you
I just want you to rock with me
In Jesus name
This life we living it Aint a game

I got saved in 97
My first glimpse of heaven
When I was younger I would hunger for the word
My grandma would serve she would tell me
Jason you know God got something for you baby
She would pray and anoint me with oil
I was going to church but I didn’t understand it
I was thankful she followed the commandment
Rise up a child in the way that he should go
When I got older God was still knocking at my door
When he saved my soul I saw purpose and destiny unfold
For every soul saved it covers a multitude of sins
And I need to get in
Lets get out there and win some saint
A prayer a day will keep the devil a bay
Until the king comes watch and pray
You must do what the book say
Come on

I just want you to rock with me Hook X4
Come on
I just want you to rock with me
Will you
I just want you to rock with me
In Jesus name
This life we living it Aint a game

Now all I want to see is the
Saint’s getting they praise on
Till the break of dawn like they
Did when they was clubbing
For the next generation
From the x generation
See they said we wasn’t going to make it past 21
Said I’d more likely to be dead or locked down by 25
But I can tell you that the devil is a lie
And Jesus Christ is the reason why
I just want yall to rock with me
See your deliverance is in your praise
Don’t be amazed we living in the last days
And we going to praise till the lord say mount up
Then we gone get buck and tear the earth up
Nobody in their right mind
Wants to see the last day but it’s coming
And things I’ve seen in dreams will make Steve King
Fiend for my book rights
But it’s my birthright and I will tell it
Come on



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