Smooth Funky originals with a touch of silky old school classic soul. A show to see.


Each band member is a solid solo artist in their there own right and compile a complex intergenerational sound that is influenced by many of classic soul artists like James Brown, Smokey, Otis Redding The Tempts, Curtis Mayfield and contemporary artists like Prince, Mel Waiters, Beounce, sitilating to the ear and visually appetizing. A delightful musical experience


Johnny Ray - The Soul Of One Man
Sir Nature - Lets Party
T Lee - Back Track the Days
Soni James - Play Toy
Lady Anonymous - The Makings of Lady Anonymous

Set List

Members do three original song intro per set. Two -Three 45min sets. 15min break. A mixture of soulful ballards Oooo Baby Baby, It's a mans world, still a young man, Hole in the wall, Kiss, Open up My heart to you. Superfly,