J. R. Byrd

J. R. Byrd

 Denton, Texas, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

Byrd' s commitment to originality has lead him to create quirky lyrics that may make you laugh out loud, but soon speak to you in ways unexpected. With the inclusion of horns and saxophones, mixed with the acoustic guitar and jazz-pop piano, he produces a unique musical landscape for the listener.


A pop-rock singer-songwriter based out of Denton, Texas, J.R. Byrd has been writing and performing his own songs since the age of 16. Byrd first knew he was destined to be a songwriter when he realized he was too slow & too short to play in the National Basketball Association. With his b-ball dreams dashed, he resorted to practicing gloomy Chopin nocturnes. With a little instrumental facility under his belt, Byrd began writing simple gooey love songs for various middle school crushes, which in turn often netted him Hershey Kisses, but never kiss kisses. It wasnt until his senior year of high school when he played the greasy role of Kenickie that girls started to notice J.R.s vocal lightning. In music school at the University of North Texas, Byrds song-smithing got all growns up, and he really delved into the acoustic guitar as his main songwriting tool. Influenced by the likes of John Mayer, Steely Dan, Dave Matthews, and Stone Temple Pilots, J.R.s music sounds suspiciously like the love child of some jazz, some rock n roll, and some funk, wrapped up into a sushi roll of pop perfection. One of JRs fans called his music, Smart Pop. An all growns up sort of progressive pop with upbeat tunes and unconventional lyrics, J.R. has birthed us into the world of smart pop.


Guitar/piano and vocals

Solo instrumentation plus sax or cello

Vocals with Guitar and Keys

Full Band:
Vocals with Acoustic Guitar and Keys
Electric Guitar


Wait for Me

Written By: J.R. Byrd/Bob Paterno

I didn’t know I was asleep
You never do when you’re dreaming
Can’t make sense of why everything feels wrong

Like when you got up to leave
I couldn’t move for some reason
I tried so hard to tell you not to go

I wanted to shout, but what came out
Was a whisper instead

Wait for me, wait for me

Just for once I want the dream
Where I knew you were staying
Always with me, you never say goodbye

But it’s the same thing every time
I lose you every night
And you can’t hear me say

Lovin' in a Bad Way

Written By: J.R. Byrd

I got a brand new fox
She blew my sox off, up and away
She’s got me lickin’ my chops
Her lovin’ stops like a car with no brakes

She’s got me ridin’ with the top down
She’s got me takin’ off her night gown
She’s got me lovin’ in a bad way
Ooh, hope I’m here to stay
(I’m feelin’ good today ‘cuz I’m lovin’ in a bad way)

She’s sportin’ red lip gloss
She’ll play the boss, the lover, the thief
(She stole my heart)
She’s tied my tongue in knots
And she’s got lots more tricks up her sleeve
Ace in the whole

She’s a lady of the night and she’s smells so good
And her love has got a bite like a banshee would
She’s doin’ sexy like a rock star,
And I’m the target on her radar
She’s got me lovin’ in a bad way
Ooh, hope I’m here to stay
I’m feelin’ good today ‘cuz I’m lovin’ in a bad way

I Got Caught Lovin' You

Written By: Byrd/Peterson

I’d never loved at first sight, until I saw you first tonight
Taunting the corner of my eye
And when I tried to look away, my body, it would not obey
Baby I was all but hypnotized
Then you saw me thinkin’ ‘bout how life could be
If I could tell you how I feel

I got caught lovin’ you
Even before I thought I was ready too
I got caught lovin’ you, ain’t that the truth
I got caught lovin’ you, now what am I supposed to do

I’d heard a lot about you from guys that you had turned to fools
You’re a fox as advertized
You saw me with your blue greens
They pulled me in like a tractor beam
The devil rides shotgun in your eyes
I surrender, there’s no way I can fight it
If I’m tangled in this web

Girl, I need you, I’ve waited all of my life
For someone like you to break my fall

Does It Count If I Meant To?

Written By: J.R. Byrd/Bob Paterno

You broke up with me and married my ex best friend
So why are you calling me, yeah, I got the invitation you sent
I know I didn’t RSVP, you’ll have to excuse me for missing the party
Should I have sent you a gift, should I say that I’m sorry.

Does it count if I meant to
And left out the follow through
I almost had the best intentions
Does it count if I meant to
I practically wanted to
I sort of wish you luck in the future, kind of, sort of

Now that we’re on the phone, you should know I had some dark ideas
Thought if I could get back at you, yeah, it’d make a nice souvenir
Write in a bathroom stall, for a good time call with a number next to does it all
But I couldn’t do that to you, didn’t have the gall


I’ve gotta go, I’ve got better things to do
I wanted to hang up the phone when I knew it was you

Does it count if I meant to
But left out the follow through
Does it count if I meant to
I practically wanted to
Does it count if I meant to
I almost had the worst intentions, Does it Count
I sort of wish you luck in the future, kind of, sort of

Go and Get It

Written By: Byrd/Rausch

It’s a tough world, gotta have a strong will
You’re a tough girl, plenty rich in raw skill
Battle tested, seen your share of bad breaks
You’ve invested, been flipped just like a pancake
But I know, I know what you can do
Go and get it, you know I believe in you

No, it’s not fair, all your friends have found gigs
Fair’s a place where people go to judge pigs
Please be patient, waiting is the hard part
Time is torment when you’re not on the radar
But I know, I know what you can do
Go and get it, you know I believe in you

Dreams are meant to be followed
Not cast aside for a joyride down easy street
If you believe in yourself
There’s no one on this earth that can stop you
I know, I know what you can do
Go and get it, you know I believe in you

Life’s a freefall, when you think you’ve come to
Here’s a curve ball comin’ in to break you
Go on get up, give another brave try
Keep your chin up, the goals you set were sky high
But I know, I know what you can do
Go and get it, you know I believe in you


Written By: J.R. Byrd

Light my engines and clear the way
Break them barriers without delay
Climb the sky to the black freeway
Cause now’s my chance, as I advance, I’m a renegade

Cannot wait ‘til I find myself
Will not wait ‘til I’m drenched in wealth
Comin’ through with a big bombshell
Radar’s not gonna find my stealth
Flying clear to the seared sunbelt
I won’t bother to say farewell

I fight the urges to compromise
For what I do I don’t apologize
I’m makin’ time counter-clockwise
I’m goin’ rouge, if it ain’t in vogue, I’m a sunrise

I’m on a mission to save the world, what can I tell you girl
I’m all out of time
If I can’t do it, then no one can, I’m not just any man
I’m a Byrd, I’m a plane

Get Ahead

Written By: J.R. Byrd

Time is a dog brushing by me
Letting me know that there's an empty bowl to fill
Her green eyes can't tell me lies as she waits and waits
Giving soft, soft sighs
Time is a dog finished dinning

Time is a roommate that’s grieving
Gathering tears in hands that wrap around her eyes
I don’t try to force of pry but I ask her to
Give me the reasons why
Time is a roommate that’s talking

I’m gonna try to get ahead
Although I think I'll end up dead before I
Ever climb atop that paper mountain
Cause the faster I mow the faster it grows
I can't go back now it’s the life I chose
And if I could I wouldn't want to anyway

Time is a crashing computer
Gurgling sound, like it could die at any time
It takes care of my affairs as it runs on
Jesus and Christian prayers, It’s last leg is a strong one
It’s ninth life is a long one, and it keeps on chuggin’


Give me a beer and my fears are swept away
In the mirror I’m night and day
And I appear drunk but really I’m just awake
In gear before the morning breaks

Moonlight Booty

Written By: Byrd/Champagne

Moonlight Booty
By J.R. Byrd & Peter Champagne

It’s gotten to where you can’t trust strippers
The babes are always trippin’ in high heels
She’s lookin’ out the corner of her eye for the biggest tipper
And all the while she’s sippin’ on your oats meal

It’s gotten to where you can’t get nothin’ for a nickel
Her technique’s slowly slippin’ on this deal
No nickel for a muffin’s gonna get you out of this pickle
My cops are out enforcin’ on this feel

No one’s lookin’ out for you
We’re busy lookin’ at your boobs and your tattoos
What are you gonna do

Right cheek
Left cheek
Moonlight Booty

It’s gotten to where you can’t afford not to bag it
The hoes have all been movin’ to skanktown
It’ll put a little doubtin’ in your mind, do I really wanna tag it
But it don’t stop me from goin’ to the hoedown

No one’s lookin’ out for me
There busy livin’ out their own debauchery
But never’s the booty free

Why Wont You Grow Your Hair Long?

Written By: J.R. Byrd

Why won't you grow your hair long? (Byrd)

Why won't you grow your hair long
It seems unfair that I always have to cut my hair
You wanna be so headstrong
But if you care then you really ought a take my dare
Why won't you grow your hair long, it's your theme song

(All these years) I've dated short haired girls
(Hair’s worst fear) Tied up in braided swirls
(See my dear) I want some chocolate twirls
(Come on girl) Why won’t you let your hair grow

You like it cut to accentuate your ghetto butt
You sneak off to your beauty pro
So you can strut proudly entering the yoga hut
Why won't you let your hair grow, start tomorrow

Why won't you grow your hair out?
End my hair drought

Why won't you grow your hair out?
You don't believe that your short hair causes me to grieve
You pin in like a girl scout
Just let it breathe and I promise I will never leave

Give Meat a Chance

Written By: J.R. Byrd

Give Meat a Chance (Byrd)

You spin your fruit in a blender, keeps you kinda slender
Complete surrender to splendor
You are an animal defender and I'm a life ender
I like my meat juicy and tender
You know I don't condone the planet broccoli that you live on
You’re all alone in a veggie cyclone
I'll be up here on my meat throne call me Flintstone
I'm in the zone eatin’ t-bone

Lettuce, cru tons, and mushrooms
When will you realize
Soy milk tofu and legumes
I hate to criticize
Why won't you just give meat a chance

Don’t look for me, I'll be grillin', always so fulfillin'
I'll be here chillin' and fillin'
I know you're bovine unwillin' but there's nothin' ta killin
I like my meat with juices spillin'
My barbecue’s so thick I like to take it when I picnic
It’s got quite a kick call me romantic
I know you think I'm satanic, but don't panic
Just take a lick and you'll be manic

Alright cool, can we agree to disagree
I know it’s oh so hard for you to see my way
But I was born into this, my dad hunts
Pheasant, deer, dove; his den’s filled with stuffed ducks
It’s a sport, man what can I say
We like to shot and eat living things
And it’s been done since the beginning of time
As long as meats not wasted I don’t see why
It’s such a problem for you to grasp this
Close your eyes try to see my logic
Even cows are claimin’ we should eat more chicken
I don’t care for pigs, but I do eat bacon
I guess you wouldn’t agree with survival of the fittest
Man, forget it, pass the Guinness,
Talking about diets getting worse than
Politics and religion, let’s eat,
I’m ready to think about anything but meat


Step Into the Shade (2005)

Limitless (2009)

Planted (2010)

Afternoon with Maya (2012)

Brown, Byrd and Champagne (2012)

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Band Set List:

Robot Monkey
Traffic Cop
Wait For Me
Get Ahead
Go and Get It
Day in May
Gnarly Bear
Everybody's Got One
Til I Believe
I Got Caught Lovin' You
Moonlight Booty
Why Won't You Grow Your Hair Long
Lovin' in a Bad Way

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Does It Count if I Meant To
Give Meat a Chance