J.R. Byrd
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J.R. Byrd

Denton, Texas, United States | SELF

Denton, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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By Starlight fluttered around for a couple years like a broken butterfly. Four mis-guided Jazz Studies majors offered this song collection during the launch of J.R. Byrd’s music career. Guitarist, Kory Washburn’s delay trails are still being stepped on by innocent by standers across the galaxy. And Sue Young Yoo’s distinct vocal prowess will feed the feminine half of the eardrum. Finally, Steve Pruitt’s choppy drumming burns in the heart of back beat.

J.R. Byrd’s solo debut, Step into the Shade, is a smorgasbord of style, grit, and grace. If nothing else, Shade kindly pounds eardrums with a composed poise that leaves the body in the form of sweet sweat. The thoughtfulness of Byrd’s iconic string and brass arrangements are only outdone by Kory Washburn’s picture perfect, god like guitar work. In addition, the rise of Ross Redmond is heard in the form of tantalizing B3, tickle me Fender Rhodes and “Dan-ish” synth extravaganza. Exploding head syndrome has been somewhat of an issue, so be advised.

Much like the Purple and Gold of the LSU Tiger, Limitless hits hard and is unrelenting. Don’t sleep on this album because that would surely result in the destruction of a jewel case and possible the integrity of the CD itself. J.R. Byrd single handedly outdid himself on this, his second solo project, which features some of the most starved musicians in the world. Limitless was the first bared fruit of Byrd’s new recording palace, Barking Dogs Studios, where dogs choose to do business on external hard drives as a giant middle finger, scratch that, paw towards “the man”.

Johnny’s apple seed is to Dutch apple pie as Robby Byrd is to J.R. Byrd’s Planted. Like a sound cloud floating directly overhead, Planted douses ear canals with wet growth tone, the depth of which rivals many dinosaur fossils. J.R. explores new frontiers by co-writing with a well known song giant in Bob Paterno. It is widely known that Byrd and Paterno’s music tends to beat up on others music and steal their lunch money to boot. Nobody likes a bully, so try storing it in iTunes where it can’t hurt anybody.


Feeling a bit camera shy


J.R. Byrd first knew he was destined to be a songwriter when he realized he was too slow & too short to play in the National Basketball Association. With his b-ball dreams dashed, he resorted to practicing gloomy Chopin nocturnes. With a little instrumental facility under his belt, Byrd began writing simple gooey love songs for various middle school crushes, which in turn often netted him Hershey Kisses, but never kiss kisses. It wasn’t until his senior year of high school when he played the greasy role of Kenickie that girls started to notice J.R.’s vocal lightning. In music school Byrd’s song-smithing got “all growns up”, and he really delved into the acoustic guitar as his main songwriting tool. Now, Byrd’s main focus is on continuing to develop as a wicked, yet somewhat righteous, solo artist. Might you need him in your living room?