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Jeremy Dickson aka J RekK has been producing & writing music since he was 15 years young.Now at age 25 he packs the expirence to take the hip hop industry on a much needed vacation and never look back. Jeremy was born in Tarzana California on November 21st 1984. When he was born he was 3 pounds 3 ounces. The reason he came out so light and small was because he had a twin that passed away at birth. Jeremy believes everthing happens for a reason and his beliefs tell him that his twin’s soul still lives inside of him. So what seperates him from other artists and humans as well is the fact that he has the fire of two hearts burning inside of him. So when it comes down working hard at something he puts twice the heart and twice the effort that everybody else puts in.

Jeremy loves music like he would love his first born. He would always stay loyal, He would never give up on it, He would never turn his back on it and He would fight to the death just to keep it alive and by his side. His current inspirations are life and having the freedom to to cut his heart open and let it bleed into the ears of men, women and children all over the world. The things that keep him going are his girlfriend, homies, mom & dad without their support he would have probally gave up a long time ago. He just wants to see smiles on the faces of everbody in his circle because he believes that making another person happy besides him is how you pass the test of life.

The man known as J RekK has came along way in the adventure of being a hip hop artist. It’s not easy being a white rapper today just for the simple fact that Eminem has set the bar so high god himself couldn’t reach it. With that being said he has to prove himself to remove the stereotypes and labels such as a poser and a fake mc trying to be Eminem or be like him. He has earned the title of being an MC because when he first started his journey he couldn’t even stay on beat, I mean he was so off beat it was like listening to a track the just kept skipping. He didn’t know how to count bars let alone end up with the right amount to complete one verse. Now in present day the songs he completes are so outrageous its surprising he has broke through the industry doors yet.

At this stage of his journey the things that J RekK has learned would put him at the level of being an expert in producing and writing music not only for himself but for other artists as well. He has written some of the most creative and inspirational songs hitting almost every genre such as Hip Hop, Pop, R&b, Rock and Soul music. He works well with any artist no matter the age, gender, genre or race. He has an ability to inspire other artists as well as his audience and also carry’s the know how to adapt to any situation he comes across. He brings energy to the studio that sparks a flame fueled with creativity, motivation, dedication and a comfortable state of mind not only for himself but for everyone who is working around him.

Jeremy’s plans for the future are gigantic. He plans on pursuing his dream of one day running his own record label and owning his own clubs built for being a lift off point for young artists to come. He will have studios for rent across the nation that will be priced below cost but with the same if not better quality sound than other studios that are safe havens for the pros. He will not stop until he has been played on every radio station and performed on every stage on planet earth and if possible at the time on other planets as well. He also has high hopes of working with his influences such as Nas, Talib Kwali, Jay Z, Fabolous, Eminem, Redman and so many other artists that have shown me that anything is possible. He would also love to write for artists such as Rhianna, Chris Brown, Beyonce Knowles, Christina Aguilera, Brittany spears and any artist who would let me participate in making history.

At the present time J RekK is currently working with artists who hold more talent than any artist you are hearing on the radio. Besides himself you can say when J RekK kicks the industry doors down he is bringing an army of talent with him ranging for Hip Hop and Pop going all the way to Country and Rock. He has an arsenal of singers, writers, producers and Rappers that carry the motivation and drive to take over the industry as you know it. So be ready for the future because I’m it.