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Dayton, Ohio, United States | SELF

Dayton, Ohio, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"Producer Of The Month"

Champ Mag Based out of Canada, Gives JR Exclusive Producer Of The Month October 2008 - Champ Magazine


A Lot of people dont know who you are because your so new to the game, give a lil insight on who you are?

Im J.R. Exclusive if you aint know by now, Best in The Midwest. Im really just a young up-and-coming producer and when i say producer I mean it in every sense of the word. I am in no way a "Beatmaker"...Im the difference betweeen the two. Biggest Track I produced to date would have be "Beat Without Bass" for my big homey Freekey Zekey, but dont worry i got hits on deck, feel me?...

How did the Beat Without Bass Track come about ?

It was just right place, right time i guess...I was in college at the time and was selling my beats to local cats when a guy name Chill Will( My Manager) hit me saying he was a member of the byrdgang and at first im like, "yeah ok", he said send him some beats to a e*mail so i did and about a week later i got a call like "freekey want a buy a couple beats, whats the ticket?"...This was my first time dealing with Industry artist so i think i said some goofy shit like $500, but luckily my peoples looked out and got me in tuned with the right price and what i was supposed to be getting so...Here We Are Now..lol

Did You Have any idea that Lil Wayne was supposed to be on the track?

I actually didnt at first but my peoples up there at the dipset offices called me and told they put wayne on the track and this was right around the drought 3, and a lil bit of beef with jay-z so wayne was on fire at the time so i was all with it, it made me feel like i had already made becuase this was my first major placement and i had the best rapper alive ( in my eyes)on my shit so i was excited.

In his verse lil wayne takes, what some people believe, shots at a couple different veteran emcees like nas and jay-z, Do you think rappers taking shots at other rappers on your tracks may affect future business for yourself?

Naw, i think for one Lil Wayne was just doing what he needed to do to keep himself hot at the time and there wasnt any real beef there from the begining and Two Im a producer and people know I cant really control what rappers say on my tracks, thats there part of the bargain they gotta make happen, But I would definitely love to work with Jay-Z and Nas in the future, as a matter of fact i just submitted A few tracks to my peoples at Def Jam for the new nas album so we'll see where that goes.

You've Done A lot of work with Dipest as well, are you signed to the label or is it just a work for hire type of situation?

Yeah its more of a work for hire type of deal, i send off tracks and they hit me back to let me know whats up, i actually had a deal pending with Dipset but i was already locked into a new situation with Jungle Records Int. so i couldnt jump on that like i wanted to.

Tell us some other artist you've worked with and who you hope to work with in the future?

Well i've already worked with Lil Wayne, Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane,Juelz Santana, Stack Bundles (R.I.P.)and of course most of the members of dipset but i'd love to work with Jay-z of course, Rick Ross, Jeezy, Kanye ( As A Rapper)...Anybody who wants to make good music.

Apparently you've been producing for a while and your only 19 but it's taken you a long time to get into the game. What did you have to go through and why do you think it has taken you so long to get here?

Man i been through so much trying to get to where i am now. I started making music in like 2001 right after 9/11. I didnt come from a musical background, the only other musician in my family was my grandfather who was a "Semi-Pro" blues musician, but other than that it was just me but i grew up listening to like Nas, Jay-Z, DMX and other cats who were out when hip-hop was still evolving so i was taking in so many different types of music i didnt know what i wanted to do with music i just knew i wanted to be a part of it so i started rapping. Me and two of my best friends formed a lil rap group back at home and it really started out as something to do when i wasnt playing basketball which is my first love, btu it kind of became serious for us but we didnt have any original production so i decided i would give producing a shot. I took the chance and ran with it but i come from a two parent household and my parents weren't strick but opionionated so they wanted me to go to college when i graduated from high-school which was cool but i knew it would slow down my dream. I went ahead and went to school and it was actually the best thing i could have done, i met almost every person who has had an impact on my career while i was in school but i had to grind from like my freshman year of high-school until my freshman year of college to get my first major label placement which got me in the door and here we are now...

Would you change anything about your journey or do you think that this is the way it was supposed to be?

I wouldnt change much but i do think, knowing what i know now i would have been smarter in choosing my relationships with people because sometimes people only want to use you for your talents and i've been a victim of that many times but you live and you learn.

Can you take us through th making of a J.R. Exclusive Beat?

Well i usually start with a melody fo some sort then i add drums, more melodies and then i start tracking out and mixing the beat, i mix all my own beats, im my own engineer.

What Equipment do you use?

A PC, Nuendo 3, A lot of VST's, I got the rawest drum library ever, tell just blaze and all them niggas holler at me for some drums(laughs) and i got a couple tritons i dont use very often.

Will we see you continue to do work with Dipset?

Of course, them is all my brothers, we like fam so its gonna definitely be more hits in the making, but im not gonna just box myself into the dipset corner i dont want to end up like the Heatmakers. No Offense because the Heatmakerz happen to be some of my favorite producers.

What's next for you?

Well i did a track that should be on the Carter 3 album, been in the studio with Polow Da Don's group I-15, I Co-Produced a track with my homey Big-Makk thats gonna be on uhser's album...I been doing a lot of r&b but dont worry im still keeping it street for the fans.

What advice do you offer other producers?

The most important thing i can say is be hungry and be humble but know when to be cocky and PLEASE be original no matter how long it takes you to find your own sound, stick with that and you will prevail, dont do what the next man does becuase that just makes it harder for you to be unique. - www.allhiphop.com


Biggest Songs To Date:
Beat Without Base By Lil Wayne and Dipset
Who's Dat By Travis Porter and Rell Road
Grind Til I Get It By GTC

Production Credits:
Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana, OJ Da Juiceman, Ace Hood, The Late Stack Bundles, Lil Boosie, Yung Berg, Travis Porter, and Chubbie Baby.

New Material Produced:
OJ Da Juice Man - Ten Chickens
Travis Porter - "Whos Dat"
GTC - Going Down
Lil Chaos - Club Rockin
Rell Road - "Last Call"



22 Year Old Producer/Rapper JR Exclusive began perfecting his craft at the age of 12. JR started his run with a program titled, "Cake Walk" and his walk has been cake since. Establishing a placement on DIPSET/Lil Wayne collaboration "Beat Without Bass" JR says, "I made that track about a year and a half before and never thought much of it, until Wayne got his claws on it." A mixture of Dayton Funk and Southern Drum Patterns earned him Producer of the Month by Canada's Champ Magazine. JR has worked with artists such as Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana, OJ Da Juiceman, Ace Hood, The Late Stack Bundles, Lil Boosie, Yung Berg, Travis Porter, and Chubbie Baby. He is currently working with Ohio Hip-Hop Award winners GTC and long time partner Rell Road Mane while producing his own mixtape titled, "Star Life."