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Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States

Murfreesboro, Tennessee, United States
Band Hip Hop


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Got it Together"


HOLY SHIT...a Rap band that has their shit together! This is what the entire package is all about! The only thing I hated on their website was the band picture...it looks a little amateurish, but that's the only thing even remotely amateur by these artists...yes, I used the word artist.

At some point mainstream music is going to have to embrace rap as an artform...as far as I'm concerned it's the poetry of the alleyway, note I also didn't call it the poetry of the streets. Unfortunately too much shit oozes out of the street...Rap is the artform of beat, words and wisdom and these boys have it all.

When your only complaint is that they need a graphic artist...you know this is a band to watch. If rap isn't your thing, get over it...these guys are coming and they're kicking some ass along the way.

The song has a solid message...quit hating your neighbor cause he has more stuff...instead go out and get it for yourself or hate the "game"...more or less, don't kill the messenger! My only other minor complaint is that the back beat gets a little repetetive but not annoying.

The beat is solid, the vocals are dead on and the sound is qualified. Check 'em out!

"Manopoly Records is the future, I cant wait to see them shine." - Micheal Robinson, Freelance Writer

- godsofmusic.com


Jrg "Hustle Hard" / "Block Sowed Up" single 2006
Jrg "The Future" Chopped and Screwed version 2006
Jrg "The Future" 2005
Manopoly Records Presents "Come Up Move Volume 1 - 3" 2002-2003
Jrg "Bust Em" single 2002
MHR " Peep How We Roll" 2001-2002


Feeling a bit camera shy


“The Future is the best thing in the Present”
Since the crack of the new millennium the Manopoly Records label based in middle Tennessee has become synonymous with bringing out high-quality independent music. The Crew is considered to be one of the most "underrated and overlooked" companies in the industry. Many internet cruisers still remember the Mp3.com download battles for the "Dirty South Charts" supremacy, taken place between Manopoly's Mhr and Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz. The Manopoly Records official website still receives numerous requests from around the world, for the highly acclaimed music. The hit single, “Bust Em”, eventually reached number one on the charts. The track was penned by a then 13 year old known simply as JRG.
Four year later, the 'Top of The Charts" talent is still there, but Jrg's flow has evolved tremendously. "The Future is the best thing in the present" has been his label's war-cry for the past few months with the release of his album, "The Future". In his younger days his songs were mainly about gun busting, but "Tha Future" has since matured. Although still touching on those topics with tracks like "Bust at Me", where the 'Bust Em Up' vibe is captured perfectly, you will not be hearing a hundred people murdered on his newer material. Instead of creating a Super Thug persona he relies on being himself, letting his talent do the busting. He seems intended on letting the world know that he has arrived and that there ARE lyricists in the South. (Props to T.I., Lil Wayne, Chamillionaire, and the numerous others who hold it down)
Jrg has a cocky, braggadocios flow, with witty punch lines and charisma showing up on all his tracks. Listening to his Future disc, you may be inclined to compare the youngster to a "Fast and Furious Type" race car. He cruises with you for awhile on the strip, driving slow hollering at the ladies. Then. BAM. He hits the nitrous oxide switch (NOS) and kicks it into a new gear, spitting rhymes at a break-neck speed. And then, while your adrenaline is already pumping he takes you to the club to throw some bows. He dares you to rep where you're from if you're real, or kick rocks because he is ready to get it on.
Being the youngest in a house full of musical talent, the barely 18, James Smartt could not help but to fall in love with music. His mother exposed him early on to all the soul classics and his older brothers formed the group Wicked X. In the late '90s the Wicked X crew acquired strong followings in the Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee areas. The youngster was encouraged by his siblings to pick up the pen. And since picking up the pen at age eight, he hasn't put it down. One of his hallmarks is his incredible work ethic and ability to complete as many as 6 songs a day. Even before releasing a solo effort or receiving his diploma, this high school senior has managed to attract a few major label piranhas. No deals have been confirmed yet but nonetheless, no one can take away from Jrg's incredible talent.

Name: JRG
Hometown(s): Lansing, Mi. Murfreesboro, Tn. Pomona, Ca. Cincinnati, Oh.
Releases: MHR "Peep How We Roll", Come Up Move 1-3, The Future, The Future C & S
Contact Info:
Wayne “Focus” Beasley, Ceo
Manopoly Records
P.O. Box 10935
615-785-3184 booking
email: manopolyrecords@gmail.com