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My band is like the "The Roots" with a bit of "Outkast" & the bravado of Kanye West all in one! Not many hip hop acts incorporate the musicianship that me & my band "Tonight at Nine" bring to the table! This makes us a hit with the Urban and alternative crowds because we cover both aspects!


Representing Oak Cliff, Dallas’s most notorious subsection, Artist/Producer J.Rhodes is 1st in line to truly put on for his city. His skills as a producer, writer, engineer, rapper, video director and his overall non stop hustle is why he is dubbed"The Talented Mr.Rhodes".

As a producer, The Game, Talib Kweli, Black-Thought of the Roots, Ab-Soul, Slim Thug, Rhymefest, Rapsody, Dondria & many more talented artist have been backed by a Rhodes production. His sound has been the fundamental building block in his own music group 80's Baby Ent's sound. He's also competed in Red Bull Big Tune, Istandard, Dynamic Producer and many other national beat battles to sharpen his skills

His national acclaim as an up & coming artist/performer grows constantly. The video for his hit single Hello was featured on MTV rap fix where industry vets Sway, 9th Wonder and David Banner gave it RAVE REVIEWS while they interviewed him. A few months later Wiz Khalifa and Sway sat on the MTV Rap Fix couch to watch his video UBER. Wiz Complimented its creative energy as well as Rhodes's skill. His various Ep's, Lp's and sick-tapes have found worldwide favor with everyone that have reviewed them! To start 2011 Rhodes was voted one of the Top Ten Hip Hop Acts in Dallas by DFW Quick Magazine. To end 2012 D magazine wrote an article on J.Rhodes's latest project "Oak Cliff Huxtable", raising the question "Has Dallas finally found its' voice?"

His artistic strength is his live performance backed by his live band! Whether at musical venues like The House of Blues, Historical venues Like the Black Academy of Arts and letters, or super arenas like Cowboy Stadium... He leaves it all out on the stage!

Much more can be expected from Rhodes in the future! He is on Grammy winning producer S1's production team and they have crafted many instant classics for some of your favorite artists.

His latest artistic effort "Oak Cliff Huxtable" came out Oct 9th. It was the #1 downloaded album on Audio Mack downloaded even more than Rick Ross's Black Bar MitzVah!!!

"All in All, I just want to get out my art. In whatever form. No more no less. I'm an artist, I just want to share my brand of art with the world"! - J.Rhodes



Written By: J.Rhodes

Opening: It's been a Minute Man like UMASS/ Where have I been what you ask?/ Well, just living life and doing me, not doing too bad/

Those that are familiar with me know that I'll blow ya mind/but there're still are some people thats listening to me for (the veery first tiiime"/

I pimps the pen, I makes the tracks I do it all/Say what's on my mind with no buffer like my named Lil Duvall/ urrrbody know me say I'm too Raw/ Haters wanna try but they can't come close/ No further introduction needed I'm J.Rhodes I wanna say

Hook: Hello- I'm J.Reezy and I makes the hottest beats I say
Hello- Give me a microphone you know that Imma eat they gone get
Caught up in the take over man it's right on Schedule
Promise, Promise, Promise, that them boys ain't on my level (repeat 1x)

Verse 1: Man where did the time go, I thought I had plenty/ Now I look up and I'm more closer to 30 than 20,/ lets see... I don't lost friends, I done lost sleep, I done damn near lost my MIND trying to make it in this industry

Lot of shit/politics/ and radio payola, but we fighting through the bullish/coming out with full clips/ and firing/ your spot at the top expiring/ instantly when I come in/ Doctor prescribe the vicatin/Painful/ Same ish all on the radio it's shameful/ They make a song you make one like it/ Where I'm from we call that biting/

I keeps my composure/ I'm focused/ on being the dopest/ the game is like Mervyns because it's /OPEN OPEN OPEN

and I'm finna claim my spot in it/I'm aiming for the top of it/ and bringing all my people in so they too can be prosperous/ take shots like Stojakavic/ but you ain't got a pot to piss?/ I coach my team like Popovich/ I promise their is no stopping this


Verse 2. Oh, I guess you mad at muah?/ Because your ish sub par?/ Got hatas feeling blue like those people on avatar/ and plus my flow so hard/yea yea yea yea so Hard/ but so Intelligent it's kinda like it passed the bar/

It's like I've come so far, but still I got so far to go/finna run my city like I'm working on my cardio/ All-Star team, doing All-Star thangs/So I guess it's only right we got the All-Star game/

I'm a Dallas Texas 80's Baby reppin mofo/I'm a piss me off you better find the exit Mofo/Tell them wack Mc's leave they rhymes at the do/ Or better yet, kill yaself on ustream so you just can't rap no mo!/

Yeah that's harsh, but I gotta be/, these dudes are nowhere hot as me/ The juggernaut is moving so you KNOW their is no stopping me/

Going for the jugular and thus we are not stopping/Until everyone that claims they're on the top are at the bottom/ Say!



S.O.M I, S.O.M II, Gloria's Sun .5, The Talented Mr.Rhodes and his latest critically acclaimed project "Oak Cliff Huxtable". It is available on iTunes and is currently being streamed on all major internet radio stations and apps across the world.

My single Beastie Boys got RAVE REVIEWS along with my self directed and edited video.

My second single Fifth Element was featured on DJ Booth, Kevin Nottingham and many other blog sites across the world!

Produced "Blood Diamond" from The Games newest LP Jesus Piece that drops 12/11/2012

Produced "Congregation", Talib Kweli ft Black Thought of the Roots and Ab-Soul.

My single Hello took the world by storm! over 100,000 views! It was also featured on MTV's Rap Fix with 9th Wonder, David Banner and Sway!

My single Uber also did wonderful! It was featured on MTV Rap Fix with Wiz Khalifa and Sway!

You can go to www.jrhodes.bandcamp.com to download my entire discography.

Set List

2.I Want In
4.Riding Thru My City
5.5th Element
6.Beastie Boys
7.Gloria's Sun
9.Oak Cliff Huxtable
10. Outro

*Can be shortened or lengthened depending on allotted time.