J Rich

J Rich


Hi this is J Rich and I would describe my music as simply being that deals with the trials and tribulations that comes with life. It is music that sends chills through one's spine when hearing it for the very first time. It is cool like jazz, cool like soul it is simply R&B.


Hi this is J Rich once again and here's some things about me i am a 19 yr oldl student who resides in Cleveland, Ohio and I attend Cleveland State University where I am majoring in pre-med. I started singing and writing since I was a very young child and has won countless contests in the Ohio area. Moreover, I would say that some of my musical influences includes that of Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder just to name a few which inspired the style of music that I have furnished into my own. This style involves uniqueness unlike no other and is simply that of R&B and that is a taste of my life story.


Just Let it Ride

Written By: Richard Jenkins (J Rich)

Damn I feel so weak I seek out to various things I feed upon your strength I need your tender kiss as I fall weak to this poison taste of you I feel the need to leave but when your gone cant breathe

Chorus: Ahh just let it ride and let it go feel free to live your lives as if it's your last (repeat)

Drain my soul I feel weaker than low but yet I still hold on, onto this pain and hurt I need to let go, see it feeds on every bit of me this lovin' here aint me I think I oughta go I need to just leave


B-Section:I feel weak I need some air to breathe it's taking over me this gentle breath I take it need a release

Chorus out


well I am starting to become serious about my music, for at first I saw it as a hobby but now i realize that it can stem far past that, so I'm hoping to do all of those wonderful things.

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