JR Lovins

JR Lovins


JR Lovins is a musician, and worship leader based in Miami, Fl. His music has deep reflective lyrics and a modern groove.


JR has the privilege of playing weekly in front of thousands of people, in various capacities. JR leads worship at Christ Fellowship, a church with a weekly attendance of nearly 3500. He has also performs locally, nationally, and internationally at numerous other venues.

In 2006 JR and his team traveled to El Salvador playing in multiple venues throughout the week and ended the week performing at a stadium concert with Latin sensation, Fiebre Amarilla.

2007 will likely be a banner year for JR has he is releasing his first solo album.


untitled EP - coming in 2007

Set List

JR plans each set list according to the individual event. Concerts/Worship Events are unique and require individual planning.