Birmingham, Alabama, USA
BandR&BHip Hop


The trio known as J.R.Nu began way before the three even knew each other. "I've always loved music," says J.R. "I wrote my first song at 10. Since then, I have always kept a pen and a pad nearby." Honing his skills as a writer and composer came somewhat easily, but performing not so much. "I come from a family of singers, but I would always get nervous whenever I had to sing in front of people or in church. It was something that came with maturity. Now the stage is like my second home." A native of Auburn, AL, J.R. attributes his success in life to God and family. Maurice Mullins a.k.a Nu hails from Camilia, GA. Blessed with a distinctly soulful voice, he has been featured on mixtapes and albums all over the south, with genres ranging from Gospel to Rock. "Everyone in my family sings. It's something that brings us together," says Nu. Once you have heard his voice, you remember it. "Im excited about finally getting this project off the ground. I think the feedback will be good."Ray was a sleeper. He was always around the music scene, but was never out there really as an artist until 2006 when he met J.R. and Nu. "I told them I sing and they invited me to come along to record one night. The rest is history." How did the three come together? "Me and J.R. played college football together at Jacksonville State University. We met Ray in college as well. Coming together to do this was inevitable," says Nu. " Nu is a soul singer. No doubt about that. He is R&B Soul at its finest. I'm more of an R&B Pop guy myself. The fusion of our styles is crazy," adds J.R. We finally have the chance to make this happen. So watch out...Here we come!!!


Love Redemption LP- 2010