JR Redwater

JR Redwater

 Los Angeles, California, USA
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JR is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and is a Professional Speaker and comedian. His lectures are based on his life and hardships while growing up on a reservation. He strives to educate audiences about the true life of the Modern Indian.


"I want people to be able to heal from the inside out and to deal with their past. To grow and to be the person God intended them to be. In order to have strong healthy families and leave of legacy of love and happiness. And through laughter I believe this is possible." Sincerely, J.R. Redwater.

Dominic Redwater Jr. is an enrolled member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. He was born in 1975, when the President of the US was Gerald Ford, the world population was just over four billion people, Foolish Pleasure wins the Kentucky Derby and George Carlin hosts the premiere of Saturday Night Live, "One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest" sweeps the Oscars. Meanwhile, back on the Standing Rock Reservation in North and South Dakota, Dominic Sr. had threw his wife Leanne into the pick truck and drove to Ft. Yates in the dead of winter to deliver their first son, the other four were all girls.

Coming from a poor alcoholic family wasn't a happy life. Sure, life was a little normal here and there. But in JR’s eyes not normal enough. So becoming the family hero was how he would make up for it, and because it was a dysfunctional family he knew he had to dream big. The Redwaters' thought by having kids and naming them after each other would make things normal. It did, but only for a while, than it was back to the drinking, fights and cheating. Many times his mother would be left alone crying and J.R. would be there to wipe away the tears. He was already thinking of ways to make her happy. It was not his role, but he began acting as the man of the house, as he did on many occasions.

At the age of ten, J.R. as he was known, got his Indian name in a naming ceremony. It would be "Wanbli-Ohitika", which means Brave Eagle. His Native American culture would play an important role in his life. He sang and danced traditional on the pow-wow trail. He had a best friend named Roy who he did lots of fun with, like showing their peepees off, and making teepees. Like I said, they were best friends. There was never a time when Dominic wasn't cracking Roy up. He would keep in touch with Roy for years to come. Mostly at Pow-wows.

He soon moved to his Dad’s reservation in South Dakota. His parents tried once again to work things out. They just graduated from the University of North Dakota, and were going to live happily ever after. Dominic attended a small school in Harrold SD, and Stephan SD. Most action going on at this time was the tumble weeds blowing and of course more drinking. You see the lengths of sobriety in the family didn't last long. Now it was definitely a part of his being.

Growing up Dominic would play pranks on those around him. Especially his four older sisters. Kind of like wicked step sisters, except not. There was a time when he set his oldest sisters hair on fire at the drive-in movie. That was funny. Needless to say he walked home from the drive-in theatre. That wasn't the only time he would play with fire. There was that other time he shot his other sister with a BB gun. He told her to dance but she refused. Well you know what happened next. No dance, than sing. Fighting his younger brother Bob was common thing. He had seniority over him until he learned to fight back, now he's locked up so that doesn't really matter anymore.

After high school, Dominic joined the US Navy. Going to see the world and get the heck out of here! It seemed like a good solution for a kid who liked adventure. It would be one of his best decisions yet! Shortly after boot camp, he married and had an instant family. Then, he was deployed to Yokosuka, Japan. After a year in Japan his new orders were to meet his new ship off the coast of California. The USS Carl Vinson, CVN-70. A nuclear aircraft carrier.

Dominic took leave one winter and traveled on the Greyhound bus back to South Dakota. He visited with another passenger who had known his best friend Roy. JR found out that Roy had passed away in a terrible accident during an Army training exercise. This was devastating news. Dominic knew that he would never have another friend like that again. A piece of him was gone. Three West Pac cruises to the Persian Gulf and many years later, Dominic also tried to reconcile with his ex-wife. But just like his parents had tried to reconcile so many times in the past, JR would also try but without success. He also took his turn with and drug and alcohol abuse

Today, JR is following his hearts dream to become a professional Comedian and Speaker. He is drug and alcohol free, remarried, and now resides in Southern California. His life experiences at such a young age allow him to share his knowledge with those who dare to dream, He mentors high school students and young adults. He is a devoted Christian. He turned to comedy as an outlet for his anger and to help other people heal their hurts. Comedy is a way of life for him. His fond memories of his pal Roy will always be alive in him, and he vows t

Set List

60 Min Keynote/Lecture and or Comedy Shows

Topics Include:
Native American Culture
Leadership and Possibility Thinking
Alchohol & Drug Awareness
Native American Drums
Sacred Tobacco and Tobacco Abuse

Exceptional with Youth and Leadership!