Drawing their name from the Williamsburg bar next to their old rehearsal space, Junior and Sons developed while John Connell was playing drums with indie pop tunesmiths Jerkwater in the late 90's. Still playing with Kings County Queens, he continues working as a drummer and vocalist. His work with Skycam, Cementhead, and Blasco Ballroom, allowed for a diverse experience ranging from punk and indie to cabaret.

Rock and Roll luminary B.P. Fallon called Junior and Sons' music "Contagious pure pop for now people with harmonies like The Beach Boys on a bender." The band manages to cram a respectable amount of vocal harmony into their vigorous pop songs.

While many of the band's sound revolves around 90's rock and indie, their music recalls the songwriting of Paul Westerberg and Bob Mould. Ever-failing relationships and tales struggling with helplessness can be found throughout the lyrics which are often delivered with more buoyant melodies than the context might suggest.

The current lineup includes John Connell, Todd Kovner and Chuck Dean. The group enters the studio this summer to record it's first official release.

Set List

35 minutes or so.

long lines
swimming in the grey weather
watch things fall
kitchen light
i didn't draw it, I traced it
somewhere in rockport