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Yo Daddy/Play Dirty out on Four:Twenty records in January 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Where is Jr.W ?

No one knows. No one alive claims to have seen him. The very last unofficial sighting was quite possibly just “a hearing.” Dylan Pute, a blind octogenarian living in Denver, Colorado was tuning a piano at Bates Motel Studios when he heard the now infamous Mr. W singing a song now believed to have been sampled by the British band who have taken his name. Mr Pute maintains to this day that he believes Jr was there in person and that having been blind since infancy he can, “goddam tell if it’s a man or a machine !” No one alive can corroborate this. All Dylan Pute’s friends seem to be dead, hardly surprising for a man of eighty seven but what is surprising is he appears to have no children or grandchildren in the U.S.
More recently in the North of Ireland a teenager Mark Froggat claims he nearly came to blows with the elusive Junior in a bar whilst watching him losing a Pool tournament. Mr Froggat said at the time, the drunken Mr. W accused him of looking at him shouting,” that guy’s looking at me,” before attacking him and being ejected from the pub shortly afterwards. Mr Froggat later died of an unrelated illness.
The London band who have now taken his name and sampled his chameleon like vocals is comprised of two dance producers, one particular female singer and various collaborators. The two producers Jono and Roger were part of Dubolition, an underground dance act from the mid nineties who released various dance twelve’s and the A Thousand Thoughts per Second album through IRS. Willow Norton, their first choice singer has sung with various acts in South Africa, Australia and England most recently fronting Dirty Blonde also from London. Jono has been Djing in for years starting out with Midi Circus and Megadog many moons ago touring with numerous bands including Orbital. Roger has been writing and producing since arriving in London still in his teens .Now writing and programming with Jr.W and Dirty Blonde, his other incarnation.
Did Junior ever actually exist? And is it true Jr.W have the only intact recordings of Jr.W? Does it really matter? The tracks sound great anyway.

Jr.W’s sound is designed for the dance floor, Sleazy vocals meld with deep funky beats and fat dubby basslines. The sound track to a Saturday night losing it in a basement.

Jr.W are playing at Fluid with The Guvnors on October 30th and at Kill ‘em all let God sort it out and Secret Sundaez’ at The Arches, London Bridge on 26th November.