J-Roddy Walston and the Business

J-Roddy Walston and the Business


we play rock and roll no sub catagory no pre-fixes just songs based on melodies and energy we are not in it for the irony or the cocaine diet of skinny jeans fashion and passionless night life we are going to take you to the top or land you in jail


A descendent of a long line of great southern musicians j roddy walston
Was raised on the music of God and taught to play rock and roll by the hand of the
Devil. Leaving behind family, friends, and the slow pace of the south j roddy headed
North, and along the way he picked himself up a mean band of players.
A violent and passionate live show, an affinity for melody, and a dash of youthful
Bravado have had every yank lucky enough to come across these carpet-baggers come home
Shaking at the knees and swinging at the hips. Yes j roddy walston and the business
Are the true megaboys of rock and roll


Here Come Trouble EP (2003)
LMNEP (2005)
Fierce Tiger EP (2006)
Hail Mega Boys (9/9/2008)
J Roddy (2010, to be released on Vagrant Records)