The Talent

The Talent


I would like to take this time to thank the Mother's of David Hasalhoff and Chuck Norris without you ladies none of this would be posible...Again Thank You. The Talant


Influences: People, Peer preshure, Gang's, Tattoo shops, T.V., School, Beatles and Beatles. What sets us apart ? Will be together next year. Our Story: We Meet in a cold dark alley. We Just so happin to be four guy's in Phoenix that were looking for the killer at the same time and said hey "Why are we risking our lives when we could be Jammin ....Let's go inside".....


We are working on our demo at the present moment. In hope's that someone out there know's what they are doing and sigh us to make our first record intiteled ?

Set List

We do some cover's. Kicked up 50's style covers. With a little flare of course. Some badaboom too.
As long as fan's are paying attention and moving their hips, We probley allright.
We can perform up to 4 hour's of Live Music.
Or one blistering set of 45 minute's That will make you slap yourself for never hearing or seeing this band before.