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I am 100% Original, I Sound like no other artists ever heard. I have been doing music for 10 months ONLY, and already stunned many surrounding counties. If you take 5 minutes of your time, Im sure you will like it. People who like me listent to Jon Young, Lil Wyte, T-Pain, Akon. A Original Combin.


Jamie Skeen (07/14/1987) from Carthage, TN started making music in 1999 through a computer microphone with a few high school friends on the base of comedy and having fun. Jamie never thought of music as his future and quit making music later that year, Jamie took off where he left in 2006 and started pushing himself to become a better artist with what he knew which was not much. Skeen has taught himself everything he has learned, He has never had the supporting help other artists receive.
In the past few months, Skeen has received a lot of attention in the music industry pushing thousands of plays and profile views through MySpace every day. "I never had support from my friends or nothing, just my dad.. My dad stood behind me on everything and never gave up on me" Skeen states. Jamie has been through a lot in in the last couple of months with relationship problems, parents divorce, home being broke up and having a place to live, at the same time Skeen is doing what most people would not do which is not giving up.

Jamie hopes to release his first album later 2007 or early 2008 and be one of the first from Carthage, TN to add another genre to the music industry. Skeen states he tries to be unique with his music. "I Just Do Me, and now ye heard'a me" skeen say's. Many people have complimented Jamie on his type of music of being himself and sounding like no other artists ever to be heard. At the age of 20 years, We will see what the long journey ahead awaits him in the next couple of years. "C-Town Born N' Bred, Now It's Time to Put it on The Map" - Skeen


I have released one mixtape, which has 19 tracks. I have had online radio airplay through many stations from SoundClick.com

Set List

I have over 100 songs, My average song is around 2:00-3:00. If I did a cover song, It would be Lil-Wyte/Jong Young, But All my songs are original.