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This artist is very versitile when it comes to providing quality tracks and performances. Not only does he rap, he sings, and dances to perfection. It's only a matter of time before he is classified into the big leagues.


Born in Southern Lousiana, this talented performer bounced around from Lafayette to New Orleans, Lousiana as a child trying to find his fit in life. In doing so he also found his calling; "Music". Being musically inclined during the duration of his high school years, he performed all over the state to display his talent and versitility. By the age of 17, he was able to produce his own music using several different musical programs, record, mix/master, and publish songs and albums internationally through the imfamous world wide web. Now 23 and fresh out of the military (Navy), he is back to tear up the airwaves with melodies that could make a scarecrow move, lyrics that could influence a depressed crowd, and the determination of more then 10 artist combined. Stay tuned to find out why he isn't PROCRASTINATING NO LONGER!!!


Change Ya Style Up

Written By: J-SLIM

(Chorus) Why is everybody so mad at the south for, change ya style up switch it to south paw. (chopped)

Verse 1 - J-SLIM
You mad at me because I'm reppin that dirty, and you thinking nigg@s out here rapping shiTT@ ya heard me. But my flow gonna make your ass fall back, you'll hear my shit then you'll call me nickelodeon because I'm "All That."
The truth, the man, lyrically ill I'm all that, throwing lines that just sit on your mine like a ball cap. Exclusive skills I bet that you can't live your life without it, you looking at it like a bad thought you'll think twice about it.
Been in that water so when it's street you name you call it, either a pistol or a beat I'm banging the target. But ya'll still think because I'm new and I'm fresh in the market that I'm soft but b!tch I'm hard like parallel parking.
Please don't think you hard I'll break you to pieces, have ya'll running out of clubs like a nigg@ dumping out three clips. So instead of hating on a nigg@ and have you teeth grit, you better change ya style up and go get on some street sh!t!


Procrastinate No Longer Vol. 1, Shake em Off feat. J-SLIM, Change Ya Style Up. Both songs are on such radio stations as channel 93.3, and blazing 98.9 located in San Diego, Ca and streaming all over internet radio stations.

Set List

Shake em Off, Change Ya Style Up, Money on my Mind, Abra Ca Dabra, I'm On It, Assume the Position.