J.S. Machina

J.S. Machina


J.S. Machina is the lovechild of many different musical genres, none of which acknowledge that they exist. Mostly though J.S. Machina is a culmination of rock, alternative, metal, and punk.


J. S. Machina is the brain child of two small-town musicians, Justin Nogle and Scott Ramage. Formed in 2005, what started out as a three-piece band developed into a full-blown rock outfit the likes of which the world had never seen (seriously). After the group split up in early 2007, Justin and Scott decided to continue working together to further their collaborative efforts. Major influences for JUSTIN include: Metallica, Joe Satriani, Van Halen, Shinedown, Theory of a Deadman, STP, RHCP, Audioslave, Santana, Megadeth, Collective Soul, DragonForce, Kutless, Skillet, Pillar, Steven Curtis Chapman, Jeremy Camp, DC Talk... & tons of others; SCOTT: Dead Kennedys, Bad Religion, Audioslave, Joe Satriani, The Germs, The Sex Pistols, Melt Banana, Rage Against the Machine, Run DMC, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, DragonForce, and way too many others to name.



Written By: Justin David Nogle

We have an in it for me philosophy, we’re looking out for #1
I’m sick of the negativity, that comes from all but some
This world is an atrocity, lacking sound morality
Pride vs. humility, is our main mentality


Hideous, I can’t deal with this,
What has this world become, do we realize we’re so dumb?
So self-absorbed all we want is more,
We succumb, to a world, we adore

Since everyone’s doin’ it I think I will, I’ll just follow the pack
We lie, we cheat, we threat, we kill, and call it paying back
We take pills just for the thrills, drink way past our fill,
Do anything just for a bill, it truly makes me ill

Outro Chorus:

Hideous, I’m so sick of this,
What has this world become, do we realize we’re so dumb?
So self-absorbed all we want is more,
I succumb, to a world, I abhor


Written By: Justin David Nogle

Grandfather told the son, a story not to forget,
To live his life peacefully, and without regret
Stand strong in your beliefs, stand strong and true,
Lest the evil one corrupt me and you


A fight between two wolves which wolf will you feed,
Love and selflessness or hate and greed,
Adopt trust and hope or eat the bad seed?

Evil dwells inside us all, there’s no denying that
But what matters is how we think, and how it is that we act
We must deny ourselves, our very human nature,
And bow our heads in awe, to our awesome Creator

A fight is going on, inside both me and you,
Good vs. Evil, Deception Vs. Truth

“Which wolf will win?” the young boy asked
Feed the good one well, it’s not an easy task

Gone Astray

Written By: Justin David Nogle

I stumble through this thing called life, pondering why I’m here
At times I feel so very alone, though I should know that you are so near
I want so much to please you Lord, but yet I keep failing You
Scourge this wretched thorn from my side, and make me pure anew


How easily we stray, so far away, I have gone astray
We’re running out of days, we need to change our ways, I think I’ll start today

My sins tear me away from you, don’t have time to mention them all
Think I’m doing just fine on my own, then I smash into a wall
All I want is to be with you Lord, in a state of peace and grace
Forgive me for my transgressions, leave not a trace

I’ve come to terms with God and myself, we know where each other stands
I’ve seen the light and come to know, He’s got some very big plans
I try so hard, but fail so much, it might be easier to just give up
But this is something, I will not do, for He’s instilled in me such trust

On the Prowl

Written By: Justin David Nogle

Spot your prey lay low in the grass, wait forever then spring at last
But patience is a virtue I do not possess, I want the kill now and nothing less


I don’t stop till I make the kill, don’t stop till I’ve had my fill
I do it for fun, do it for the thrill
Hunt I must, and hunt I will

Play it cool, blend in with the habitat, get ‘em used to your presence, then knock em’ flat
These beasts are feisty, they’ll kick and scratch, but one bite to the jugular and they’re down fast


We have songs up on many different sites: mp3.com/JSmachina, myspace.com/JSmachina, ourstage.com (search "J.S. Machina"), facebook.com (search "J.S. Machina"), and also iLike.com/artist/J.S.+Machina.

Set List

Hideous, Wolves, Gone Astray, On the Prowl, Project Willow, Jesus I Trust in You