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The best kept secret in music


"Json:The Seasoning"

The Seasoning
Written By: doktrine

The first time that I ever heard J'son, was on the "Mid to East Cypha" on Flame's self-titled debut, and the 1st thing I thought was..."who is that dude that's droppin' those dope Cross Movement references all through his bars?!?" In a desperate attempt to satisfy my curiosity, I found out that it was J'son and I knew that I wanted to hear more from this cat. Enter: "The Seasoning". An album based on the text of Matthew 5:13-14, J'son seeks to call believers to the obedience of Christ's call to be the salt of the earth and to flava the streets with the gospel. From the very onset, the intro let's you know what his business is...his Father's business!

The first full-length track entitled "Ayo" (which features fellow St. Louis artist, Flame) comes in with trumpets and snares. All that this track is missing is a marching band! It is a constant head nodder with a bangin' beat that kinda reminds me of the Juvenile/New Orleans/Cash Money style. It is a gritty joint focused on hittin' the blocks for Christ. Likewise,” Take it There" is the believers' evangelistic anthem to declare Jesus in the streets and not simply in our pews.

Joints like "Apology" (which expresses his contrition and calls unbelievers as well as believers to draw closer to Christ), "N.J.D." (which is an open letter to his family), "Take A Look", and "Crying Out" are deeply personal tracks that lets you into his mind and heart. "Take A Look" is a "dark" track that is a painfully honest overview of his earlier years, as he takes the listener on a journey through the rough times but displays how God gets all the glory despite his experiences. "Crying Out" is a heartfelt track that lets you into his prayers as he cries out in earnest to the LORD as he offers up his supplication for help with being a Christian dealing with struggles in his walk with Christ. These songs take you through the highs and lows of his life as well as the triumph he receives in becoming united with Christ.

On the apologetic track "Dig Deep", J'son does what (sadly) many Christians are not able to do. He proves/defends the truth of Scripture without using the bible as his primary weapon in order to prove to skeptics of the Bible the reliability of the Gospel accounts... "So how can skeptics say that He never lived when unbelievers from the 1st century said that He did? /And none of these dudes are biblical cats/they are historians that wrote about the physical facts/So unbelievers, I'm gon' keep it outside of biblical text and prove that Christ lived, died and had to have resurrected!" He uses historical facts, anthropology, and good ol' common sense to "give the reason for the hope that you have" (1 Pet 3:15) and encourages believers to dig deeper to give people the truth.

On "Faith That Works" he dibbles and dabbles on the expositional side of things to teach the sometimes difficult to grasp cohesiveness of the teachings of James (James 2:14-26) and Paul (Rom 3:20). The beat subtlety reminds me of Flame's Intro at the beginning. This joint is bangin’ as well as edifying as he explains that "works follows our faith when we have true repentance" and that "Paul and James are not contradictory/actually, they're complimentary!". After this joint, the listener leaves J'son's classroom with a better understanding that we are indeed saved by grace alone through faith alone, but that does not give us a reason to cop that truth as a license to sin and excuse our responsibility to obey a holy God.

"Rep Christ" is a track laced by fellow co-laborer Lecrae, and he rides this beat smoothly. This was a tight collaboration with an emcee who is tight in his own right. Speaking of collabos, "Grace" is a cut that features CM's J.R. The piano keys are soothing under the crooning of J.R. It seems to me that every track that J.R. lends his vocals to turns to gold. He doesn't do too much or too little; rather, he brings a smooth, contemplative balance to the album (as he always does).

Several tracks later, J'son turns his attention to address the ladies specifically on "Slow Your Roll". The beat is tight as you hear the female in the hook scream "But I want a husband!" He treats this topic delicately, but firm as he admonishes women not to give in to temporary temptations and lies, but instead, be patient and follow God's will for their lives because "Every man that you meet isn't sent from the LORD".

Overall, this album tackles the "Sin Problem" that is unfortunately absent in much of HHH, and it is obvious that St. Louis has another power hitter on its roster and his name is not Albert Pujols. This album is 19 tracks of straight heat that is "gritty, grimy, like spit on the mirror" and includes J'son spittin' an acapella outro to summon the listener a final time to come to Christ. He displays that while he is reaching out to the streets, he is also displaying the importance for reaching daily for The Word of God. Overall, this album is doctrinally sound, his flows are on point, his beats will have your system bangin’ (literally too!) and is more than worth a portion of ya paycheck.
- Written By: doktrine (HolyCultureRadio)

"Unsigned Hype"

04.08.05 - J'Son
Hailing from the STL, J'Son keeps things out in the mid-west BANGIN'! When we first heard this young bull's music, we were like "Dang... where did this guy come from?". I mean, his flow is rediculous, his beats are "fiyah", and the guy is on point as far as his content is concerned. As far as his resume' is concerned, he's been putting it down wit the best of em; This'l, Flame, JR, Nabs, etc. J'Son got HCR wonderin' why he aint signed yet. J'Son is definetely someone you're gonna wanna keep your eye out for. No Doubt!

- Holycultureradio


Full length album: The Seasoning
Singles: Grace,Sinproblem, and Rep Christ.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born and raised in St. Louis,MO in 1981 Json took to the streets of the Northside of St. Louis at a early age. His childhood was that of a rough one surrounded by drugs & violence. With no father figure he looked up to many of the diffrent gangsters and street hustlers that were in his neighborhood. Being in this type of environment Json used music as an outlet to express what he felt & what he was going through. As Json approached his early 20's he began to understand that there was a diffrent way of life than that which he was exposed to in the 'hood'. The Lord began to deal with his heart which ultimately resulted in Json giving his life to Christ. Within 2 years after he accepted Christ he began to use his God given talent of rap to glorify God & what he had done for him in his life. Since this time God has blessed Json to not only use his gift to uplift his name but to actually release a full CD entitled 'The Seasoning'. Although Json began rapping at the age of 14 and was using his talent to glorify the things of this world, now at 23 through the grace of God his passion is to glorify & uplift Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.