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J-Son is one of the most promising urban artists in Sweden. He has created a whole new genre in Sweden called Urban Pop. With his high energy on stage combined with his raw music talent he is to say the least a rising star in the music industry.


J-Son's music style began as Rap/ Hip-Hop but he has developed a new style called Urban Pop. J-Son's influences when he was young were Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes. That has colored him as an artist, being as energetic as Busta and as good a proformer as Jay-Z on stage. J-Son has made him self a name on the swedish sceen verry quickly. In only one year he become a household name. Realeasing his four first singles during 2009 he is set to release his debut album "Never Half Stepping" in November of 2009.


All J-Son's singles has got radio play in Sweden, and also been played on MTV.

EP: Rebirth- 2008

Lookie Lookie
Pretty Boy
My Window
Head In the Sky (Okt 2009)