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This band has not uploaded any videos



"J-Stash and the Topic Album Release Appearance with DJ Star 7.15.08"

J-Stash and the Topic made an appearance today on Pulse 87 (http://www.pulse87.com) to promote the release of their new mixtape, "10 Reasons to Hate." - Bronx News


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Who is J-$tash? That is the multimillion dollar question of the hour. J-$tash is a 25 year old up and coming rap artist from the Bronx, NY with a lot to smile about. "I look at what I am about to do like an inside joke. Only me and God know what's coming; by the time the rest of the world catches up, it will be too late." Ask him what makes him different and he will tell you everything, ask him what can't he do, and he'll say nothing. "I look at my boundaries musically as being limitless. I have such a strong knowledge of self and such confidence; I can't and won't be boxed in. I make the music I want to make, it just so happens to be music other people want to listen to. I can't lose, because I won't let them make me lose" Them, is an industry of cynics who say the time of the NY rapper has come and gone. Them, is a legion of rappers who couldn't cut it with a samurai sword. Them, is the fans who say there isn't any music worth buying. How will he do it? Of course with great music and unwavering swagger. No doubt with a strong hood that backs him and a Bronx borough that needs him. The "School Boy With a Tool Boy" is poised to bring the streets to the classroom, and the campus to the corner. As a founding member of the HoodFella BangOut Clique, a collective that includes co-founder The Topic, and members Slim Dollar & Tallbucks, $tash seeks to set the trends not follow them. "I listen to myself and say I can't lose, I listen to the BangOut and say we won't lose. I am going to make it make sense, then watch it make cents, ha ha." What else, you ask is in store you ask....Well if he told you everything, then he wouldn't be J-$tash, would he?"