J Stever

J Stever


After releasing 7 albums of original material, J Stever comes up with new songs in latest album - Summer City. The sound is fresh and original, as a singer/songwriter, he never misses a chance to explore new musical directions to take. His live performances are always energetic and memorable.


Stever's musical style consists from jazz, funk, pop, electronic, some gospel and rock, but it all has been based on classical education, that’s why it sounds higher class professional.
Stever’s live performances are very energetic, joyful and positive, that always attracts people and involves them into his performances.

At the moment J Stever is promoting his latest release - album "Summer City" 2012. Hit single "Summer City" at the moment is No 2 in the country. As well he is actively performing in the Baltic summer festivals, recently returned from the concert tour in USA with Laima Vaikule, as well as regular commercial performances in Russia.

Previously Stever's Album "Glaze piena" has won latvian national music nomination, as a best pop album of the year, and best pop song of the year.

Short biography:
Since J Stever’s humble beginnings learning to play piano at the age of 5 in the seaport town of Ventspils, Latvia in Eastern Europe, he has released 7 albums of original material. Since his first hit in 1998 with a little jazz group called Shake’n’Bake, he has played more than 800 concerts all over the world and shared the stage with the likes of Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Simply Red, Robin Gibb and others.

Stever’s latest album, Summer City was released in September, 2012. It sounds lighter and is more accessible than the more heavyweight soul and funk sounds of past albums, but Stever says this isn’t as much a production decision as an effect of where the album came from emotionally. “I think it’s really important to try to remain good-natured and to learn to appreciate the tiny, simple joys in life – even more so in a time when there is so much negativity in the media and the world around us. That is what this album is about.” The album is among the most accessible that Stever has made and, although it seems to be mostly straight pop at first glance, songs range from jazz and soul influences to soft rock, elctronic indie pop, a few classic ballads, and even something to dance to. “Each of the 12 songs is from a specific, personal moment in my life: separate experiences that I am remembering for a reason.”
Although the music explores musical styles that blend pop, rock, soul, and electro, the thing that most listeners immediately note is J Stever’s pristine, effortless voice. This is no accident. He got a solid foundation in vocal technique from years spent on a BA in choir conducting and voice instruction. But Jay feels most comfortable with the piano, since he spent the first 13 years of his musical education with it. Although no one can deny the importance of a good show and an attractive performer, Stever has always placed the emphasis on the music itself and good songwrighting. A friend and fellow musician, Los Angeles-based Emmy award-winning composer Lolita Ritmanis remarks, “John possesses a rare gift in the art of songwrighting: the ability to create unique musical hooks that draw the listener in, while maintaining musical sophistication. The way he marries melody and harmony attest to the fact that John has a deep appreciation and knowledge of the art of good pop music. Jay is a great messenger of his songs.” Stever also spent some time brushing up on stylistics and performance at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, which also provided an opportunity to visit Stevie Wonder’s Wonderland Studios and to meet a lot of the people making the music he had long appreciated and loved.
Despite meeting with a degree of success, Stever has remained down-to-earth and earnest in his love for the music. “Since I grew up travelling all over the place, I have never had any trouble finding a connection with all kinds of people: Americans, Russians, British, Moldovans, Africans, whoever. It doesn’t even occur to me to see some people as better or worse than others...” This shows, since he still tours actively and plays several shows in countries all over the world each month. “One of the most valuable things I have learned in life is simple: as long as you keep thinking positively, you will succeed.”

Here are few feedbacks from industry proffesionals:
“I was impressed with his personality, his musicality, and his songs. I was particularly impressed with how hard he works in a very difficult territory.” -- Mickey Modern (manager, Nick Kershaw)

“This is a fine example of modern soul at it's best, and I look forward to hearing more from J. Stever soon... Well done Soul Unsigned Records, you've done it again!” – Paul Miller (Paul Miller Soul Show, BBC)

“Stever has a great talent , he's an amazing singer and great songwriter, I can feel huge soul & jazz music influence on Jay's music and thats what makes him so colorful in his pop scene.” – Robert “Masta” Edwards ( Vocals instructor, has performed with Stevie Wonder, Wilson Pickett, Thelma Houston, Carole King, et al)

"Soul Unsigned loves J. Stever - he represents everything that we stand for; a good, honest, hard-work


Dont turn away, 1999
Inspiration, 2001
Paliec tepat, 2004
Lubov nastala, 2005
Glaze piena, 2007
Secret Mission, 2009
Diapozitivi, 2010
Summer City, 2012