Chicago, Illinois, USA

I have an old mixed with the new-type style of R&B. Heavily influenced by Marvin Gaye,Stevie Wonder,Brian McKnight,Musiq Soulchild,etc. I write beautiful ballads and really any R&b/soul style. I also try dabbling in Alternative from time to time.


I grew up listening to Oldies and singing in church on Sundays. I started playing drums when I was 7,and kinda picked up piano along the way as well.. I used to always want to be a singer,and then one day,I fell in love with writing. I believe that I have a"special talent" when it comes to song lyrics, especially ballads(partically love songs). When I write, I always hear violins or piano with a killer harmony,it sorta takes me where the music is in my head. Words last forever, and I want to share my words with the masses! I hope you like what you hear..


I have never really tried to do anything with my songs or writings(well, not seriously) until now. I do have a few songs recorded,though. They range from breakup songs,Like my song"Wasn't Good enough",to love songs"It's true" to party songs" I want you".