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Every so often do you get to hear good music. J-Styles offers just that. This Los Angeles emcee blends dynamics of West Coast, East Coast and South feel to create his own unique style. With club raido friendly hits and lyrics there really is not more you can ask for.


Over the past few years, the underground game has watched J-Styles become one of the next brightest star, and next finest MC. Whether solo or with his Tru Playaz brethren - Priceless, Reckless, etc - J-Styles has begun to let us in on a little secret: the game's been missing something vital, and he's got it. A certain smooth- lyrical swagger, an attitude, the flash of a menacing snarl. "The Future ," he calls it.
Growing up on the Central Coast of Cali, J-Styles took tremendous pride in his area -- and the larger West Coast’s - powerful rap heritage. Even though he considers himself a product of Dr.Dre, 2pac and Snoop little did J-Styles know that he would have more talent then people expected.


Final Destination 2005, Tru Playaz Ent.
The Takeover Vol.1 Spring 2008, Tru Playaz Ent.
Questionable Cause Coming Soon!!!

Set List

Sets usually go 20-60 min sets ranging from 4 to 6 songs with features depending on the length of the set.