J.Style's Band

J.Style's Band

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

The John Style's band embraces R & B, Rock and Soul music. We have a limitless ability to make existing songs sound like are own and make our original music sound like you've heard it your entire life. With that said...prepare yourself for the JSb!


The John Style’s band isn’t just another jam band. It’s become the definition of the phrase. The name “Style’s” is the essence of what they portray through their extensive repertoire.
The Style’s band is exceptional at bringing multiple styles of music to the forefront with an ease not seen in the mainstream music industry today. Their intentions? to make you feel the way you felt the first time you kissed someone, the first time you fell in love…the first time you made love. Simply put, “Phenomenal!”

They define what music and life should embody, Passion and Style! You hear that right from the moment you hear the mesmerizing vocalists right to the soulful & tasteful saxophones, piano and guitar riffs. No genre is safe and for good reason. This core of young, stylish, culturally diverse and trained musicians lends to there ability to juxtapose from musical realm to musical realm with the greatest of ease.

The John Style’s band is based in Chicago, IL (U.S.A) and is the concept of Saxophonist, Tommy Bradford ( a.k.a John Style’s). Tommy’s insight, respect for other cultures and musical ventures with others have fueled his need to see and hear things done differently. The JSb’s extensive ethnic backgrounds is as diverse as America itself. Seemingly through their diversity, they are able to achieve what bnotemusic marketing teams have coined as the EDS factor (Ethnic Diversified Sound). But don’t let the marketing quotes fool you. It all translates to the JSb has got a little something for everybody, everywhere and on every stage!
With that being said… prepare to hear and love the JSb!


JSb first Cd is due out May 2011

Set List

We generally perform 2 to 3 set depending on the venue and gig type. Attached is a brief list of the songs we cover. This is only the beginning!

J.Style's Band Song List:

Virtual Insanity
American Woman
All I Do
Black Cow
Deep Water
How Come You Don’t Call Me
Every breath you take
Can’t help it
After the Rain has fallen
Still a Friend of Mine
Can’t hide Love
Good Time
Rock with you
Killing me softly
Nothing compares to you
I Wish
Diamonds & Pearls
Kiss from a Rose
Red Clay
Little Sunflower
Pick up the pieces
No Ordinary Love
Little Wing
Canned Heat
Sweet thing
Fly Away