J-Sweet and Destination 335

J-Sweet and Destination 335


J-Sweet & Destination 335 is a high-energy band. They dont just make music. They make great music! Focusing on crisp music, great lyrics and beautiful harmonies J-Sweet & destination 335 are more than the average RnB Soul Band. Imagine, Stevie, John Mayer and Kanye West in one...That's J-Sweet!



J-Sweet, born Jason Raleigh Sweeting, never attended a school for music. In fact, Jason studied Advertsing at the University of Florida in Gainesville . But music was never far away from him. He often skipped his classes for some quality time in the music building on campus. Growing up in the church, Jason began playing the piano and singing at the age of 10. The consummate musician, J-Sweet took his playing seriously and began producing music for anyone who would give him a chance. He dove in head first at the opportunity to be band leader and musical director for both local and international recording artists.

Over the years his talent and reputation began to grow. A deep desire coupled with a little urging from his friends caused J-Sweet to step onto center stage. Now with confidence and musical skill in tow J-Sweet gives every audience he meets the same thing... a great musical experience that they won't soon forget.

J-Sweet and Destination 335 are quite simply friends. Growing up in Miami, Florida and being surrounded by great musicians, this group of friends joined together to help one another grow in their crafts.

Rob (Bass), Teddy B (drums), Ansen (guitar), and J-Sweet (keys) have played together in both spiritual and secular arenas. With so much experience and so much music within them, the friends have decided to journey together and make their musical dreams reality.

"Sold-out shows are fun" says J-Sweet, " we all really enjoy them, but sold-out shows are much better when you're playing them with friends!" This group of friends are determined to make their mark on music by delivering great performances that always leave audiences wanting more.


Slice of Life (Spring 2009)

Set List

30 minute set list includes

Wonder Years Theme
Jane (original)
Ha Ha (PJ Morton)
Kanye West (Flashin Light)
Yesterday (The Beatles)
Fire & Rain (James Taylor)
Changes (Original)
Follow Me (Usher)
930 (Original)
Dont Change (Original)
My Love(Original)
Cheers Theme