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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Street Buzz Album Review"

International Website Dagheisha.com has carefully reviewed the new album by J Swift. "The names cited in the biography probably would be enough to frame the style of J Swift. However, he takes great pride when he is often told about his blended rap mix of New York's Fabolous & American gangster T.I. Even so, it would be difficult if not impossible to give you a hint of his punctual rhymes and incisive verbs. This young rapper from Florida seems to possess the weapons to really break. 'Street Buzz' is a clear example to the rap community that a growing artist needs a buzz to make an impact. The neighborhood hot star controls many levels (persona, club, topics) & deserves recognition. Among the best pieces are My Swag, What It Do & What Can I Say. Also the duets with R&B crooner M.B. are superb (My Life, Slow Down, Gotta Make it). If you are tired of the usual hip hop acts & thickness of passing radio, I can only recommend listening to this sincere disc packed with substance. The Dirty South has found a new rebel brother who shall emerge very soon."

Link - http://www.dagheisha.com/music_section/cd.asp?idus=3114 - Dagheisha.com

"Next to Blow"

Many applied, few stood out, there was one winner. Swiyyah Nadirah Muhammad has chosen J Swift as "Next to Blow". This young artist is lyrically gifted & definitely has the tools to succeed in the music industry. He will receive one free year of promotion on Swiyyah.com.

Link - http://www.swiyyah.com/artist-next-to-blow1.html - Swiyyah.com

"Khia Concert. J Swift opening live (Video)"

J Swift was chosen as the opening artist when superstar rapper Khia came to St. Petersburg, FL. Mr. Swift performed a few hit singles from his new album *Street Buzz*. The crowd loved the performance & J Swift showed that he has great stage presence.

Video link available via Youtube

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx76jyOYSR8&feature=related - Ike's Lounge

"J Swift Interview with Street Buzz TV (Video)"

J Swift was asked to be a guest on the hit TV show Street Buzz. He was asked about his rap style/plans & showed the fans that he is an educated person.

Video link available via Youtube.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AEstmMVTlLs - Street Buzz TV Show

"J Swift featured on Inmydeck.com"

Hip-Hop website Inmydeck.com has acknowledged J Swift's catchy flows & personality. His music can now be found on their popular website next to the likes of Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne & other big names. This is proof that Mr. Swift has the talent to break into a superstar role sooner rather than later.

Link - http://www.inmydeck.com/?p=339 - InMyDeck.com

"J Swift featured on Hollywood AllStars Mixtape"

J Swift's hit single "What It Do" is featured on the new Hollywood AllStars Mixtape. This mixtape will be distributed all around the country to expose independent artists on a new level.

Link - www..rocmp3.com/allstarpromotions - Allstar Promotions

"Featured Artist on Whatamusic.com"

J Swift has been chosen as a featured on the rapid growing website Whatamusic.com. He was hand selected by staff members over many applicants. This is another showcase of J Swift's progress.

Link - http://whatamusic.com/content/view/126/81/ - Whatamusic.com

"Artist of the Month (Sept 2008)"

J Swift has been selected as artist of the month. Although new to the music industry, he is determined to stay for long. He is definitely on his way to the top with hot singles like "Dance 4 Me". As you already know, it usually takes a talented artist years to make it big in the music industry, but for J Swift I don’t think he has to wait for too long. Check out his music at www.JSWIFT.US

Link - www.Swiyyah.com - Swiyyah.com

"J Swift - My Swag on TasteMaker Vol. 3"

J Swift's smash single "My Swag" has landed a spot on one of the hottest mixtapes in the streets.

Link - http://thatcrack.com/view-listing.php?id=1178 - D. Blake / G -Wood Radio


Street Buzz The Album (May 2008)

Singles include - What It Do, My Swag, & Slow Down

Current Singles - Dance 4 Me, Look at Shawty

My music has reached clubs, radio, TV, & DVD



Raised in Tampa, Florida. J. Swift is a huge fan of lyricism & incorporates clever rhymes in his songs. Similar to the greats before him, you might not catch all of his unique wordplay with one listen. His goal is to tell short stories with stunning imagery & detail. J. Swift has always been a fan of East coast music, but puts a twist on it since he is from the South. When asked who his rap style is similar to; his answer is a mix of Fabolous (metaphors & punchlines) & T.I. (southern bred & dope boy swag).  The rap game needs an intelligent artist who can appeal to the streets, the club scene, & still spit 16 bars of flame. He considers himself a true emcee having both star power & concept control. He will single handedly delete the connotation that southern rap is watered down. J. Swift feels he is better than a lot of new artists & is patiently waiting for his time to shine.