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J. Tex

Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark | INDIE

Copenhagen, Capital Region, Denmark | INDIE
Band Americana Country


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Misery Review"


This is a Danish Americana music put out on a garage rock label (Heptown Records). J-Tex was born in the USA but has lived most of his life in Denmark. For the most part the record has a sound country flavor to it with a bit Dylan thrown in at times (That is what you want!!). And he will remind you of Tom Waits for sure. It comes packaged in authentic garb, including deliberately scuffed and creased cover...it looks the part and that’s part of it’s eye catching appeal.

As for the music, we are in Hillbilly/Country/American folk territory. How they have managed to make the album sound as though it was made back in the 40’s/50’s is beyond me, but it’s very well done and as different as anything I’ve heard.

I am glad I am having it here. For sale. For you!

This CD has a huge variety on it and is well played loud and over and over again. Check it out!!


Turn it up! Loud is fun!!
- Frontroade


”Lost between clouds of tumbleweed and space CD Heptown Rec. 2006

”One of this days” CD Heptown Rec. 2008

"Misery" CD/LP Heptown Rec 2009



Jens Einer Sorensen a.k.a J.TEX was born in the capitol of soul -Detroit, Michigan on Dec. 08 1965.

Allready as a kid, growing up in Copenhagen, Denmark, J.Tex felt drawn to his native country. Always in tune with, and tuning in on the cultural influence coming from America. When he was 5 years old he wanted and got his first guitar and have never let go of it since.

He started playing festivals together with his moms friends and in his late teens he wrote his first song "Big bad woman" and found an outlet for his creativity.

At the age of 20 J.Tex went back to the States to search for his roots. J. Tex started out his journey in Nashville, Tennessee with a guitar in one hand, and a paintbrush in the other, he travelled all over the South.

After a few months of doing odd jobs, he found himself on a long journey through the backroads of the South. He had a great companion and mentor in the fire-burning carnivalpainter and artist "the one legged man" John Heiner.

J.TEX had a lesson for life -learning the trade of art, and living the wild life on the road. When travelling long hours up and down interstate highway 75, he always found time for writing songs when Jamming with old-timers, and everyday american heroes.

In 1990 J. Tex was back in Europe. With a couple of friends he filled his car with pots, pans, instruments, tape-recorders whatever - you name it they had it, and vent from Denmark, to live in the region of Tuscany, Italy.

The first few months were spent in the city of Florence. Every night J. Tex and his friends, could be found "busking". Soon he formed his first band Einsteins Explosive Bullie Brothers. And the band played all over Tuscany, every little town on the map, and won 1 th. Price in the International buskerawards.

In the mid 90' J. Tex was back in Denmark were he started to get his act together. He continued travelling to the States with his friends and always had an instrument in the trunk for writing and performing, whether on the radio, sleasy beer-joints or more arthy-farthy venues.